Cockroaches, Slugs and Poo… Oh My!

So the last week and a half has been interesting at my house. We had a very dry season for several months without a single drop of rain. Two Saturdays ago, however, that all changed. Torrential rains began all of a sudden. We had two days of rain, followed by a week of sunshine, followed by spurts of rain the last 2 or 3 days.

Rainy season at our house was ridiculous last year. To explain, we leave our back door open during the day when we’re not home so the dogs can go outside to do their business. (We have a back gated door as well, which remains closed. The dogs can slip out to the backyard, but no one can get in.) Anyway, when the ground is wet, my snobby princess poodles don’t want to get their precious little paws wet… which means pee and poo on my living room floor when I come home. (We hadn’t had a single incident in MONTHS, and now we’re back to square one.)

This year, however, has been far worse than last year’s rainy season at my house.

One on particular occasion last week, Suki got diarrhea and decided to leave evidence all over the living room and stairs. She also thought it would be productive to smear it around. That was a fun afternoon.

We also get some large cockroaches here in Cancun, which everyone’s kinda used to. We kill them on-site with chankletazos (meaning “hard blows with a flip-flop”… I love the Mexican language). A few days ago, I put the dog’s food bowl on the counter and poured some dog chow. I went to the fridge for yoghurt, and when I turned back around there was a huge cockroach in the dog bowl. Jorge and I looked on in horror as the cockroach grabbed a large piece of kibble, carried it out of the bowl and on to the counter, and began to eat it. A cockroach eating dog food on my counter. I don’t think I can even begin to describe how gross that is.

We also seem to have a slug infestation. I didn’t even know Cancun had slugs, much less our backyard. Since we’ve been leaving the back door open, on several occasions we’ve found a slug in the kitchen near the back door. Last night we went to the movies and got home to find about 30 – 40 slugs all over the walls and floors of our kitchen, hallway, living room, downstairs bathroom and stairs. I wish I’d taken pictures, but my memory card is broken. πŸ™ But they look like this:

So anyway, after a nice movie date, Jorge and I finished off our romantic evening by cleaning puddles of dog pee (me) and scraping slugs off the walls with a floor squeegee (Jorge). Then we watched an episode of Law and Order, because there’s no way I was going to sleep after that horror of an evening.

I’m happy to say that soon we will be fixing up the backyard with grass, shade and a doghouse so that the dogs can stay outside while we’re not home. That way we can finally actually USE our living room and keep the back door closed so the slugs and cockroaches don’t get in. *shudder*

If I don’t invite any of you over to my house until 2012… you’ll know why. On the bright side, our trees and plants look lovely.


15 thoughts on “Cockroaches, Slugs and Poo… Oh My!

  1. YUCK .. I would have walked out of the house! I absolutely hate those HUGE roaches! I hate bugs of any kind. Sprinkle salt around the doorway, it will kill the slugs and hopefully keep them outside.

  2. When I was young in my first apartment I once came home to the entire place buzzing with flying ants. It was horrible. (As it ends up the ants had made a nest on the roof of the apt building.) I feel your pain.

    And that cockroach could have his own horror movie.

  3. I was literally screaming as I read this! The image on a cockroach on your counter picking up a piece of dog food and eating it is too much for me to handle. Also, a slug invasion and diarrhea don’t sound like very pleasant, either. I can’t believe your dogs refuse to get their paws wet- hilarious!

  4. Oh, ick. Slugs and roaches. *shudder* Maybe I won’t come to Cancun after all. Ewwww. I hope y’all get the grass down quick!!

  5. Oh no, hun. πŸ™ Poor you. Slugs – errrgghh.

    In one of my old houses we used to wake up in the morning and find snail trails all over the floor. Disgusting! We laid slug pellets in the end which got rid of them but just the idea that dozens and dozens of snail had been all over the kitchen while we slept. Ew! πŸ˜›

    And a cockroach eating dog food? Okay, you know you have to move, right?

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