Just Thursday

Just Thursday again! If you want to join in, link up at Murdock’s Mama:

Outside my window.. 84 degrees and very, very sunny!
Today I feel.. productive and excited because we’re having birthday cake in the office today!
I am thankful.. that I get to eat lunch outdoors every day.
Tomorrow I am going.. to work, then the gym, then who knows?
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. cute purses were less expensive. I really need 2 (I’ve only bought 1 in the last 3 years!)
This weekend.. I was invited to go to a luxurious All Inclusive resort, only $800 pesos (about $70 US) per person per night! But we’re saving up for some other stuff right now, so Jorge and I will probably just try to do something cool on our own here in Cancun.
I am reading.. I finished the Millenium series (WOW! Am I right?) and now I’m back to The Ugly American, which I never finished.
I am working on.. translating a press release (not nearly as exciting as it sounds)
Yesterday I.. went to work, went to the gym, then hung out around the house all evening
I am hoping.. to lose weight soon! I was doing so well, then I fell off the wagon this month. I went to the gym consistently, but Nutella, Starbucks cinnamon rolls and quesadillas seem to have caused my downfall. No weight lost in the last month and a half. Time to really get serious about the diet! Good news is that I have much more endurance and strength than I did a few weeks ago.
I am hearing.. someone in the office sneezing.
I bet you don’t know.. that my dogs actually hate eachother. They all love Jorge and me to the point of obsession… but for the most part they ignore eachother. There’s also frequent territorial growling. Why can’t I be one of those owners whose dogs cuddle and stuff?
One of my favorite.. places is Playa del Carmen.

9 thoughts on “Just Thursday

  1. Lose the cinnamon rolls and quesadillas, but keep the nutella 😉

    My dogs love and hate eachother. It depends on the minute. Have a lovely weekend and I think you’ll find something fun to do. Beer on the beach? perfect!

  2. Dogs (I am learning) are like children in that they is who they is – and you cannot fundamentally change their personalities. And so, with ever beast, there are the ‘good’ qualities and the ‘really? seriously?’ qualities.

    Morgan is no fan of other dogs. He’s not aggressive with them, he just is completely. not. interested. And this annoys me!

    • Tell me about it! Each of the three of them is so different.

      Suki is super territorial and overly loyal. obnoxious to others, but she’s my favorite.

      Dolly is sweet and cuddly, but an airhead.

      Konan… we’re still trying to figure out Konan. She’s weird and creepy, but lots of fun.

      And they all hate eachother. Go figure.

  3. Do you fancy passing some of your lovely weather over this way? It’s the end of May and we’re still getting rain and heavy wind. :S

  4. I can’t believe your dogs don’t like each other. Makes my heart break! 🙁

    Sorry it took me so long to get over here. Our internet at home is terrible and your blog is blocked at work! 🙁

    Have a great week!!

  5. I jealous about the cake part. I love when people who like cakes have birthdays! I LOVE birhtday cake, but I seldom allow myself to have it. Unless it’s someone’s birthday. Sad to hear your dogs don’t get along– they’re family. But I guess sibling rivalry is somewhat normal. Aren’t they competing for your affection too tho?

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