Wet n Wild Waterpark

Last Sunday, Jorge and I took advantage of some free passes and went to Wet n Wild, a popular water park at the southern end of Cancun’s Hotel Zone. I had never been before, and Jorge hadn’t been since he was a kid. It was a BLAST!

The lazy river

I hadn’t been on a waterslide in YEARS!! It was amazing. From the top of the slides, you could see amazing views of the Caribbean, the Hotel Zone, the lagoon and the Riviera Maya. Sorry I don’t have pictures of that (my camera was in our locker most of the day).

We did a few laps around the lazy river, which got harder and harder as they day went on because of all the kids. Still fun, though.

It was a very tiring day because of all the stairs, but I gotta admit it was great exercise and so worth it!

The park is All Inclusive, and the food and drinks were pretty good! I hadn’t had an acceptable alcoholic beverage at an All Inclusive establishment in a very long time… or ever, really… but I had 3 Tequila Sunrises 🙂

My only complaint was the lack of shade. Almost all the loungers are in a big, open area with direct sun. I put sunscreen on 3 times, and still left with a pretty impressive tan. (I know a nice tan sounds good, but I’ve been trying to protect my skin lately because of all our recent day trips! Plus I have self-tanning cream at home that works just as well.)

It was a great day, with the perfect mix of fun and relaxation. We’ll definitely be back!

16 thoughts on “Wet n Wild Waterpark

  1. That looks like so much fun. 😀 I can’t remember the last time I went to a waterpark. Years and years ago. You two look great. 🙂

  2. Tisk! Tisk! You are friends with a Suncare Adisor….you should know better. Sunscreen no matter what the SPF MUST be reapplied every 30-45 min here. no excuses!!!!

    I can’t wait to go!!! your pics make me wanna go more!!!! Thanks for sharing!

  3. Ok, I totally hate waterparks, but that actually looks really fun! Maybe I should try one out again- it’s been like 10+ years… And I’m totally feeling you on the shade thing. Who builds a waterpark but doesn’t provide any shade? Lame.

  4. I’m so jealous! I have got my kids in intensive swim lessons as we speak. Not so they don’t drowned, mind you, but so they can learn to swim well enough that we can take them to the water park. I just love them! Great pictures!

  5. Yuppers!!!! No matter what # or the so called water proof/sweat proof ones. The humidity should be melting it off of you.

  6. I feel like you and Jorge are on one extensively long honeymoon with all of these resort-looking places. Don’t you guys ever work? LOL. Hawaii used to have a waterpark a LONG time ago; unfortunately, I’ve not been to a waterpark since. 🙁 I’ll have to live vicariously through you!

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