Dog Updates

Suki and Dolly have been progressing just fine after getting spayed last week. They are as active as normal, even though we try to keep them from moving around too much. They also still have their “cones of shame” to keep them from licking their wounds.

As I mentioned Thursday, Konan had some complications and had to have her wound re-opened and re-stitched. The vet came up with a snazzy little t-shirt corset device to keep her from scratching at the wound with her foot… and, I suspect, to keep Jorge and me from panicking constantly.

Konan is not very happy with the situation in general and has been very vocal about it. She spent the entire weekend glaring at me for ten-minute intervals. Moaning/howling/evil glares aside, her health seems to be great. Today she was able to go up and down the stairs on her own!

Jorge and I have kept ourselves busy pointing and laughing at them in their cones and misery.

18 thoughts on “Dog Updates

  1. Aww…Poor Babies having to have surgery!

    I’m glad they are feeling okay after the whole thing though!

    George wasn’t too happy the first day we brought him home but he did fine a couple days later.

  2. How do you keep Dolly from jumping all over the place? I am so team Konan…STOP teasing her!!!! <3 those pool lil girls

  3. What a relief to hear that Konan is doing ok! That t-shirt looks like it should do the trick. Hopefully they’ll all be back to normal soon. 🙂

  4. poor things that they look so miserable. OMG– you can totally tell that Konan doesn’t like it. Even though she’s sporting the most adorable corsetted fashion, the misery is visible. Hope they all get better soon.

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