Further Proof That I'm Turning to the Dark Side

Remember when I realized I was slowly turning into a Mexican?

It’s happened again.

I used to make fun of my mother-in-law for this, as well as former roommates, landlords and friends.

And now…

Yes. I use my own oven for storage instead of baking. It’s just so darn convenient!

I think this cultural habit stems from two factors:

1. Mexican cooking requires more use of the stove, not the oven.

2. As in many non-American countries, Mexican kitchens don’t offer much in the way of cabinets.

So Voila! Perfect solution: Unused oven = storage.

American readers: Feel free to mock me.

Mexican readers: Feel free to say “I told you so”.

23 thoughts on “Further Proof That I'm Turning to the Dark Side

  1. Ha! Ha! I’m from the U.S. too, but I have always, from when I was a little girl in Georgia, known that the oven was a great place for storage! :-)) We stored our cornbread baking pans and cookie sheets in there! So…it’s not that unusual everywhere! ^_^

  2. Hey, dont be surprise, I even storage cases of cokes, so my children wont get to them. of course I always make sure to take them out before I bake.

  3. lol! My Mother In Law does this, and she lives in Virginia! And my mom will store leftover food in the oven, like donuts.
    It’s the reason I ALWAYS check the oven before preheating it now.

  4. I am as American as you can get, but a southern American. I have kept my iron skillet in my oven always. I always knew to check the oven before turning it one or moving from that house. Left over cobblers always were stored in the oven. It is a logical thing to do. Things don’t rust(the skillet) in high humidity, food stays safe from critters like mice and roaches etc.

  5. Sergio’s sister in Mexico City requested that I make lasagna for the family since they have never tried it and wanted to. She went to work. And so did I… pulling out a 100 pieces of plastic dishes in order to use the oven.

  6. Hey, I’m Canadian and I’ve used my oven for storage…lol. Only took me one time of melting some plastic to make me remember to ALWAYS check the oven before turning it on, even if I’m 100% certain nothing is in there.

  7. I used to also be shocked that my Mexican friends here in the states used their dishwasher as storage (for cups and such), but now I do the same thing. 🙂

  8. Don’t Mexicans bake bread though? Pan? … Interesting cultural difference. Korea isn’t very big on ovens either, actually. If they do have something like it, it’s one of those mini ovens.

    If nothing else, your oven will be a convenient space saver!

    • Hey there. The people here buy most of their pan/bread from the nearest bakery. At least in the city that’s the usual. We don’t really bake that much. ;D

  9. We don’t have a comal in the US, so the oven gets used daily to heat tortillas. Wish I had more storage space though! Perhaps your next post will be: How I Learned to Love Sandwichon? I think if I actually eat that with a smile then I will immediately be granted citizenship!

  10. I’ve done this as long as I’ve lived in an apartment (zero storage space). I once melted a plastic tupperware thing because I didn’t take everything out when I did want to bake! Love the blog, by the way!

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