I'm In USA Today!!

Thanks to everyone for all the great comments over the weekend. After a few days, I’m feeling much calmer about everything 🙂 Let’s hope the situations blow over.

On to more important things…

A few days ago, I was quoted in USAToday!! (My friend Kelly from CancunCanuck.com was quoted as well… she’s much more articulate than I am!) Kitty Bean Yancey wrote a great article on whether or not Cancun is a safe tourist destination.

As usual, reading the comments makes me a little angry. Then again, the quotes from people who have actually BEEN to Mexico/Cancun are quite positive… even if many choose to believe the news more than the millions of people with first-hand experience.

But whatever, right? Tourism hasn’t gone down in Cancun, despite all the bad press, because most American international travelers know what’s up 🙂

Check it out:

Cancun: Is it Safe for Visitors?

16 thoughts on “I'm In USA Today!!

  1. yay for making it in USA TODAY!
    I had to LOL at “came to Mexico on vacation, met a Mexican, and married him”
    I guess those facts are right, it just sounded funny, all jumbled together like that!

    • That’s because it’s not right! I came down for school, met a Mexican 2 years later, dated him for 3 years, then married him haha

      The author and I didn’t go into detail on that one, so the misinformation is forgiven.

  2. Good for you Laura!
    I was reading the article on line and I got so excited when I saw you mentioned.
    We love Cancun and the Rivera Maya. Not only are they relaxing, safe areas for travel; they are the home of some of the most friendly and gracious people we have ever met.
    You are living your dream, enjoy it.

  3. Thanks for stopping by my new blog and congrats on the awesome publicity! I LOVED your quote, too- sometimes you need to hit people over the head with a little common sense 🙂

  4. Congrats on the quote in the press, Laura!

    Personally,despite negative press, I think Cancun will always pretty hot during Spring Break. Cancun would need to have a war or natural disaster to keep people away. Always was the party spot, will continue to be the party spot!

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