Just Thursday

Just Thursday again!
Outside my window.. 80 degrees and sunny! Beautiful 🙂 Hope this weather holds up over the weekend!
Today I feel.. tired because I stayed up until 2 am last night watching Survivor and Glee.
I am thinking.. about whether Boston Rob will finally win this time. His tribe is just so clueless…
I am thankful.. that I finally found dill pickles here in Mexico. God bless you, Walmart.
Tomorrow I am going.. to do laundry at my in-laws house. Exciting, right?
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. that I didn’t have to work today. It feels like it should be the weekend already!
My schedule this week includes.. gym today, packing tonight then watching Amazing Race with Jorge, sending 2 of the dogs to the groomers tomorrow, then doing laundry tomorrow night.
I need to start.. dieting a little better. I’ve been going to the gym and eating a little better, but it’s very slow going. Still, in 1 and a half months my measurements have gone down!
Chest and back: 2.5 cm
Waist: 0.5 cm
Abs: 0 cm
Hips: 3 cm
Thigh: 3 cm
Arms: 3 cm
I am reading.. The Ugly American by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer. A coworker found a 1960s edition of the book, IN SPANISH. Time to step up my vocabulary 🙂 Here’s a picture of the book… the fact that it’s old makes me feel smarter.
I am working on.. translations for work.
Yesterday I.. went to the gym, watched Dr. Phil, went to Walmart and Sams Club to buy our dispensa, then watched Survivor and Glee.
I am hoping.. to have a productive day at work today. I really need it!
I bet you didn’t know.. Ok, remember the post from last week about finances? Well, we had YET ANOTHER unexpected expense this month. Turns out now that I’m married I have to upgrade my visa to an FM2 status… which costs $280. Luckily this is something I knew I had to pay for in July… but I wasn’t expecting to pay it in March! Again, we’re lucky to have the money, but GRRRRR this is frustrating!
This weekend.. we’re taking a bunch of our friends to Chabihau to celebrate our civil wedding! A whole weekend of the beach, hammocks, the lagoon, the breeze and tons of fresh seafood. Can’t wait!

12 thoughts on “Just Thursday

  1. Happy Thursday! I am so happy I can still access your blog from work….. they blocked all “blogspot” blogs (Like Ang’s) so I cannot get to her blog (and many others) anymore.

  2. Keep the 80 degree weather going! I need sun and hot! Enjoy the great weekend, sounds like fun .. sun and food. Just remember the diet (so should I).

  3. Your weekend sounds fun!!!

    BTW – If I would have known you were looking for dill pickles I would’ve told you where they’ve been! LOL!! I’ve been buying them at Costco, La Europea, and Soriana for at least a year!! I swear… However, glad you did find them at Walmart!!

    Also, congrats on knocking off those inches… I’m going to measure my thighs and maybe that will be my motivation? LOL!! You go girl!!

  4. Who told you that you need to change your FM3 to an FM2? I’ve been married 10 years now to a Mexican (I’m a Gringa) and I just recently renewed my FM3 and I’m keeping my FM3. An FM2 limits the amount of time you can spend outside of Mexico and you can’t own a car with plates from the States/Canada.

  5. Love me some Glee! Are you on the most recent episodes down there? This weeks was awesome! It sounds like you’re poised to have a fabulous weekend. Enjoy your celebration!

  6. Congrats on scaling back of your measurements! Woot. As for the expense of the marriage license– consider it a stock investment in your future. This will reap tenfold the rewards.

    Although, I agree with you… it can be frustrating to feel your money go away to practical things and not the ones you can luxuriate in or play with.

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