Beach Day in Puerto Morelos

Saturday was a fun day. Juan, Viri and Jorge picked me up from work at 1 pm to go down to the beach. We went to the beach at Puerto Morelos (about 20 minutes south of Cancun), which I’d never done before. I had no idea it was so beautiful! The beach is much wider than the beaches in Cancun and the sand was a little softer, plus there were no waves! Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres is still our favorite beach, but this comes in a close second.

21 thoughts on “Beach Day in Puerto Morelos

  1. Hahaha – you know how much I LOOOOVE Puerto Morelos!!! We try and go there at least once a week, and yes, the beaches are much nicer to wade in πŸ™‚

    Great pics – also, you work Saturdays?? BLAH!!

    • Yeah, I work a half day on Saturdays (9 am to 1 pm) and I get 1 Saturday off every month. Kinda lame, because I know I could get just as much work done during the month if I didn’t have to come in Saturdays.

  2. Oh I love Puerto Morelos! The beach is beautiful. I’ll tell you a story about PM next week regarding the reef.

  3. Ack, that is so beautiful. I SERIOUSLY need a vacation right now. So I guess I am just going to have to live vicariously through you. πŸ˜‰

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