Spring Break Begins in Cancun

Tuesday night I went out to dinner at Carlos and Charlie’s, which is located right in the middle of Party Center in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

I hadn’t realized until I got there that it was Fat Tuesday! When we got there around 9:30 it was pretty calm, but by the time we left at 11:30 it was PACKED.

The line for Coco Bongo
Guess who’s in Cancun right now? Ronnie! Love Jersey Shore… hate Ronnie.

A brand new nightclub called "Mandala"... looked pretty awesome (and full!)

So yeah, it looks like Spring Break is already in full swing… and it’s only the beginning of March! We’ll see if we’re brave enough to stop by any of the Hotel Zone nightclubs over the next 2 months.

13 thoughts on “Spring Break Begins in Cancun

    • You’re more experienced than me, then! I have never been to a Cancun nightclub on Spring Break… mostly because clubs are more expensive at Spring Break (at least for locals)

  1. My friends went to Mandala last weekend and they said that they had a great time. I think that we will wait until Spring Break is over before checking it out. I remember how crazy Cancun used to get in Spring Break but it now seems pretty tame in comparison.

    • Mandala looked like a great spot! $40 US open bar, or a $10 US cover charge (not sure if locals get a discount)

      I don’t know how crazy it used to be, but I’ve seen my fair share of girls dancing on tables in their underwear while I was driving by hahahaha

  2. Is it just absolutely insane?! I can’t even imagine.

    The closest thing to that that I have is since I live in a college town in the summers the whole town is EMPTY! Then is August 25,000 people converge on the place & the traffic jams are soooo annoying!

  3. I may be the only person that loves spring break in Cancun! Why? because I love watching people make such fools of themselves! If their parents only knew some of the things that happen. If all goes as planned I’ll be arriving on March 22. Would love to meet for a drink or dinner? I can send you an e-mail in a couple of days.

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