Our Custom-made Bedroom Set

I did a post back a few months ago showing the bed that our carpinter friend Leo made for us.

A few months ago, he finished our matching nightstands! I’m very excited not to have to use plastic drawers as my nightstand anymore. Sorry I took so long to upload the photos…

I know, I know… we desperately need some artwork on the walls. All in good time 🙂 Next we’re going to have him make us a dining set and a coffee table!

15 thoughts on “Our Custom-made Bedroom Set

  1. super awesome! How exciting to know people to do this for you!

    Steve has big plans for making some stuff for our house – but he’s never done anything before, so my fingers will be crossed when/if we ever get to that point!

  2. Your nightstands are just beautiful! I love them. Can your Mom provide you with a small piece of advice? Use some sort of coaster for your drink glasses – you don’t want to get moisture rings or water spots on that new finish! Sorry….I just can’t resist giving a little motherly advice.

  3. Your bedroom set is so beautiful and unique! I love the reddish color of the wood. I hear you about the plastic nightstands–ours aren’t plastic, but they’re these crappy little $5 stands from college that have been kicking around for 10 years. Next time we move, I’m telling myself we’ll finally get our bedroom looking decent. =)

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