I'm In USA Today!!

Thanks to everyone for all the great comments over the weekend. After a few days, I’m feeling much calmer about everything πŸ™‚ Let’s hope the situations blow over.

On to more important things…

A few days ago, I was quoted in USAToday!! (My friend Kelly from CancunCanuck.com was quoted as well… she’s much more articulate than I am!) Kitty Bean Yancey wrote a great article on whether or not Cancun is a safe tourist destination.

As usual, reading the comments makes me a little angry. Then again, the quotes from people who have actually BEEN to Mexico/Cancun are quite positive… even if many choose to believe the news more than the millions of people with first-hand experience.

But whatever, right? Tourism hasn’t gone down in Cancun, despite all the bad press, because most American international travelers know what’s up πŸ™‚

Check it out:

Cancun: Is it Safe for Visitors?

Crumbling Down

Since yesterday, I’ve received lots of bad and very saddening news on several fronts.

Personally, I am doing great. Life is amazing and fun for both myself and Jorge.

However, certain occurences around me have made me begin to lose my faith in humanity just in the past 24 hours. Lies and manipulation are affecting my friends and my city. I can’t go into detail (maybe someday), but I’m hoping an afternoon with fellow bridesmaids for Viri’s wedding, followed by a dinner with a blogging buddy (yay!) and a phone call to Mommy and Daddy will help to restore some of my goodwill towards my surroundings.

I’d really appreciate some prayers for my friends “B”, “C” and “M” this week.

Have a great weekend πŸ™‚


Cenote Tour in San Crisanto

I mentioned on Tuesday that during our trip to Chabihau, Yucatan, we stopped by the neighboring town of San Crisanto for a cenote tour.

The tour costs $40 pesos (about $3 USD) and lasts an hour and a half, taking you on a small boat through the mangrove jungle until you reach the beautiful cenote.

Jorge, Mike and Mau are ready for a nature tour with their carton of "chelas"

Since the water is only a few inches deep and they want to protect the area, they use motorless boats steered by a local, gondola-style

"Navajuela" (which roughly translates to "razorleaf") is a regional plant that looks harmless, but if you touch it, the sharp leaves will cut you. Jorge can attest that this is true from previous experience haha

There were tons of these trees right by the water. They had branches that grew downwards into the water.

The guides waiting for their groups at the cenote

This hole in the bottom of the cenote is where it connects to the underground river system of the Yucatan Peninsula.

San Crisanto has done a lot over the past few years to bring in tourism while still maintaining its natural beauty.

For my previous post on our day exploring San Crisanto, check it out here.

Just Thursday

Outside my window.. sunny, hardly a cloud in the sky at 82 degrees
Today I feel.. tired and cranky
I miss.. my family. Always.
I am thankful.. for our Excel budget! DespiteΒ  getting $100 (dollars) less than expected in my monthly bonus, giving yet another $350 for post-wedding immigration paperwork and spending another $250 at the doctor, in the month of March we still managed to:
  • Have an amazing bday weekend for Jorge
  • set aside $100 for my bday next month
  • set aside $100 for a wedding present IN JULY (we are so far ahead of this game!)
  • spend $120 this weekend in Chabihau (totally worth it)
  • pre-stock up on tons of stuff at Sams Club, like 1 year of garbage bags and 3 months of dog food
  • SAVE $130!!!!
Take THAT, stupid unforeseen expenses!!! I win πŸ™‚
Tomorrow I am going.. to the gym, then… I dunno.
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. I didn’t have to work on Saturday mornings.
My schedule this week[end] includes.. work, relax, work, gym, work… and that’s about it πŸ™‚
I need to start.. setting up our living room. We have an adorable house, but right now it just looks awful. Gotta paint some walls, hang some artwork (we have awesome artwork sitting in our storage room at the moment), make the backyard dog-friendly (so they’ll stay outside while we’re away and not ruin my furniture), get a pretty tablecloth to cover up the plastic Walmart table, and move the TV downstairs to the living room.
I am reading.. The Ugly American
I am working on.. losing weight! Still going strong at the gym, and people are commenting every day on my weight loss.
I am hoping.. for nice weather this weekend. So far, so good!
I bet you didn’t know.. that our dog Konan is the only one who knows a trick. She can “shake paws”. However, since we always reward her with petting and pats on the back when she does it, she has now started coming up to us and putting her paw in the air whenever she wants to be petted. Last night, she tried to “shake paws” with my foot. Her attempts were unsuccessful.

This weekend.. I’m getting together with KfromMichigan for dinner Saturday night! So excited



I’m considering doing an end-of-the-month post every month on how our budget went. I know it’s not really Cancun-related, but it might be nice for me to write out our successes and failures minor setbacks. What do ya’ll think? Yay? Nay?

San Crisanto

We wanted to do something special to celebrate our civil wedding, so we decided to take a bunch of our Cancun friends to one of our favorite places … Chabihau. Set on the coast of the state of Yucatan (about 40 minutes north of Merida), this fishing village is where Jorge’s mom grew up and where a lot of his family still lives.

Here are some links to my previous posts on Chabihau:

Yucatan Seafood on New Years

Yucatan Seafood: Ceviche de Chivitas

Chabihau Beach at Sunset

Flamingo Photo Hunt

This time around we did more touristy stuff, with a cenote tour and some exploring. I’ve already posted about Chabihau tons of times here, so today I’ll focus on our trips to the neighboring village of San Crisanto.

San Crisanto has been focusing on tourism for the past few years. They have some interesting tours, beautiful salinas (salt lagoons) that change color with the season, dramatic beaches, addictive coconut pudding, and friendly locals.

This weekend the salina was bright orange

On Sunday we did a cenote tour in San Crisanto, but since that merits its own post, I’ll wait until later this week.

Just Thursday

Just Thursday again!
Outside my window.. 80 degrees and sunny! Beautiful πŸ™‚ Hope this weather holds up over the weekend!
Today I feel.. tired because I stayed up until 2 am last night watching Survivor and Glee.
I am thinking.. about whether Boston Rob will finally win this time. His tribe is just so clueless…
I am thankful.. that I finally found dill pickles here in Mexico. God bless you, Walmart.
Tomorrow I am going.. to do laundry at my in-laws house. Exciting, right?
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. that I didn’t have to work today. It feels like it should be the weekend already!
My schedule this week includes.. gym today, packing tonight then watching Amazing Race with Jorge, sending 2 of the dogs to the groomers tomorrow, then doing laundry tomorrow night.
I need to start.. dieting a little better. I’ve been going to the gym and eating a little better, but it’s very slow going. Still, in 1 and a half months my measurements have gone down!
Chest and back: 2.5 cm
Waist: 0.5 cm
Abs: 0 cm
Hips: 3 cm
Thigh: 3 cm
Arms: 3 cm
I am reading.. The Ugly American by Eugene Burdick and William Lederer. A coworker found a 1960s edition of the book, IN SPANISH. Time to step up my vocabulary πŸ™‚ Here’s a picture of the book… the fact that it’s old makes me feel smarter.
I am working on.. translations for work.
Yesterday I.. went to the gym, watched Dr. Phil, went to Walmart and Sams Club to buy our dispensa, then watched Survivor and Glee.
I am hoping.. to have a productive day at work today. I really need it!
I bet you didn’t know.. Ok, remember the post from last week about finances? Well, we had YET ANOTHER unexpected expense this month. Turns out now that I’m married I have to upgrade my visa to an FM2 status… which costs $280. Luckily this is something I knew I had to pay for in July… but I wasn’t expecting to pay it in March! Again, we’re lucky to have the money, but GRRRRR this is frustrating!
This weekend.. we’re taking a bunch of our friends to Chabihau to celebrate our civil wedding! A whole weekend of the beach, hammocks, the lagoon, the breeze and tons of fresh seafood. Can’t wait!

Beach Day in Puerto Morelos

Saturday was a fun day. Juan, Viri and Jorge picked me up from work at 1 pm to go down to the beach. We went to the beach at Puerto Morelos (about 20 minutes south of Cancun), which I’d never done before. I had no idea it was so beautiful! The beach is much wider than the beaches in Cancun and the sand was a little softer, plus there were no waves! Playa Norte on Isla Mujeres is still our favorite beach, but this comes in a close second.

Cupcakes and Somebody's Birthday

Today is Jorge’s birthday! Looks like we’ll be going to the beach then to a nightclub in the evening, assuming all goes according to plan, which it never does.

Last night we went to our favorite local casino, PlayCity, in the hotel zone to begin celebrating. We lost all the money we had brought, but we had a nice dinner and surprised Jorge with some cupcakes out on their terrace!

The cupcakes were delicious! Very, very chocolaty, with icing that was kind of like that marshmallow creme stuff… is that what it’s called? I haven’t had cupcakes in ages, and Nikki has been occasionally taunting me with cupcake photos for a few months now.

I still have 5 of those cupcakes sitting in my fridge, calling my name…

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

Spring Break Begins in Cancun

Tuesday night I went out to dinner at Carlos and Charlie’s, which is located right in the middle of Party Center in Cancun’s Hotel Zone.

I hadn’t realized until I got there that it was Fat Tuesday! When we got there around 9:30 it was pretty calm, but by the time we left at 11:30 it was PACKED.

The line for Coco Bongo
Guess who’s in Cancun right now? Ronnie! Love Jersey Shore… hate Ronnie.

A brand new nightclub called "Mandala"... looked pretty awesome (and full!)

So yeah, it looks like Spring Break is already in full swing… and it’s only the beginning of March! We’ll see if we’re brave enough to stop by any of the Hotel Zone nightclubs over the next 2 months.

Our Custom-made Bedroom Set

I did a post back a few months ago showing the bed that our carpinter friend Leo made for us.

A few months ago, he finished our matching nightstands! I’m very excited not to have to use plastic drawers as my nightstand anymore. Sorry I took so long to upload the photos…

I know, I know… we desperately need some artwork on the walls. All in good time πŸ™‚ Next we’re going to have him make us a dining set and a coffee table!