We're (Almost) Legal!

Guess what? Tomorrow morning Jorge and I will be legally married!

I know, I know… we already had the wedding, but we haven’t signed the marriage certificate yet (in Mexico these concepts are a bit more separate than in the US, or so I understand)

After way too much money and paperwork given to immigration and civil registry, we were finally approved! $500 – $800 pesos handed over to civil registry can get the process done a bit faster, in case you were wondering. I’m not sure if that’s an “official” payment or something more under-the-table… but it worked!

The bad news is that today, Jorge, Viri (my witness) and myself seem to have all come down with something simultaneously. I started off the morning with stomach pains, which turned into nausea in the afternoon, and has now translated into an achy body. I reeeaaally hope this gets better by tomorrow.

So it looks like tonight I’ll watch an hour of House Hunters International, then sleep for 2 hours, then give myself a mini pedicure, then iron the dress I’m going to wear for tomorrow. I hope Jorge’s feeling better so he can be my nurse for the evening.

Wish me luck!

12 thoughts on “We're (Almost) Legal!

  1. YAY for being legally married! lol One time in Mexico a friend of mine got pulled over for running a stop sign & he handed the cop $50-100 pesos. He left with no ticket and we all went on our merry way-so under the table payments not such a bad thing! haha

    Congrats! And I hope that everyone is feeling better tomorrow!

  2. Look how cute the two of you are! Congratulations on making it legal! Hopefully you’ll both be feeling up to snuff for the big day tomorrow. I’ll be thinking of you!

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