The Cancun Hilton Golf Course

On Saturday I went with Juan, Viri and Jorge to play some golf at the Hilton. We’re too poor to actually play the course, but for $150 pesos a person (about $12) we got unlimited balls for the driving range and putting green. Just for the opportunity to be at that beautiful course was worth every peso!

I’ve played a few times before, but I’ve never been very good. Saturday was Jorge’s first time playing and he did pretty well, considering nobody has taught him how to swing.

The driving range

We ended up playing for over 3 hours! The weather was perfect… sunny with a breeze. Hopefully we’ll get back there soon.

21 thoughts on “The Cancun Hilton Golf Course

    • Thanks! I got a nice new camera for Christmas, and I’ve been practicing πŸ™‚

      Yes, those are crocs in the pond. I think the pond is connected with Cancun’s huge Nichupte Lagoon, which is known for its crocodiles. I didn’t see any areas where the crocs could crawl out of the pond, so let’s assume it’s safe haha

  1. you and Jorge are so cute! Looks like you guys had a great day. I know Em would love to go hit some balls some day. Maybe I’ll take him there!

    • The pond is connected to Cancun’s huge lagoon by a small creek, so I think they’re wild. We asked a groundskeeper what they eat, and he told us the Hilton doesn’t feed them. They eat mostly fish and a few birds.

  2. I have been golfing their several times and love it for a small course!! However, never been to the driving range so will HAVE to check it out!!! I honestly didn’t even know they had one!!! Good news for me!!!

    Great pics πŸ™‚

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