Just Thursday

Haven’t done this in awhile, but it’s time!

Outside my window.. it’s a beautiful, sunny day! 79 degrees 🙂
Today I feel.. relieved. Jorge and I went over finances last night, and things aren’t nearly as dire as I thought! (Actually, they’re pretty good!)
I am thinking.. that I need to stop reading news sites. It just makes me angry.
I am thankful.. for my new (to me) couches! They’re so comfortable and cute.
Tomorrow I am going.. to work and the gym… then who knows?
I am wearing.. my work uniform.
I wish.. I can’t think of anything. Guess that means life is pretty good!
This weekend I.. will be by myself. Jorge is going to Merida for the weekend because his mom is getting surgery there on Saturday. Should be a simple procedure, but prayers are welcome! The good news is that I have Monday off 🙂
I am reading.. The Girl Who Played with Fire. I hope to find the 3rd book in the series here in Cancun… time to start hunting!
I am working on.. getting the paperwork together so Jorge and I can get married! (We had the religious ceremony but have yet to sign the official papers)
Yesterday I.. kicked butt at the gym, then got sick all evening 🙁
I am hoping.. to lose about 30 pounds in the next few months. So far: 3 pounds!
I am hearing.. office chit chat.
I bet you didn’t know.. that there was a shark attack in Cancun this week. Crazy!!! The Canadian media is going crazy as usual. I can’t believe they actually found a way to tie this to the drug wars on the border. Never ceases to amaze me what lengths the media will go to just to bash Mexico. Come on… it’s nature. It’s the ocean.
One of my favorite.. fruits is canteloupe. (I’m eating some as we speak!)
Current Temp.. 79 degrees

13 thoughts on “Just Thursday

  1. A shark attack? Oh no! I always worry about that when I go to Oregon because for some reason there are a lot of shark attacks there too.

    79 degrees sounds like heaven!

  2. You view is always spectacular!!! I’ve heard so many good things about those books I may have to give them a try again. THanks so much for playing along. Enjoy your weekend solo! MM

  3. Ok, wait. How the heck are they tying a shark attack to drugs? I can only imagine. Did the druglords give the shark some drugs and that caused him to get the munchies and come ashore for some dinner?

    Enjoy the 79 degrees. That sounds luxurious right about now!

    • A newspaper from the victim’s hometown wrote an article about the incident, mentioning how 8 months ago another local resident had traveled to northern Mexico and been driven off the road by narcos.

      8 months ago, thousands of miles away, completely different causes… but hey, Mexico’s evil, right? Even the wildlife is in on it now 😉

      • OMG – that is crazy!!! I think you look great 🙂 30 pounds is difficult, but you can do it!!! Do you have a plan?? Did I ever tell you about when I was on Weight Watchers? I did it on-line, and it was only $10 a month or something and SOOO worked!! HIGHGLY recommend it!!!

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