Yucatan Folklore Part 4

I promised you a story about how Yucatan’s mystical aluxes are known for getting even. Here, it’s commonly known that you NEVER, EVER make fun of or insult aluxes.

Maria, a close friend of mine, is really into bike riding. From time to time, she’ll go biking up north towards Isla Blanca with her bike group. This is a fairly undeveloped area north of Cancun, and the roads are lined with jungle.

On one particular trip, Maria had stopped to eat an apple, then she threw the apple core into the jungle and yelled, “Take that, aluxes!!”

Big mistake.

She used to never have any problems riding there. But now, every time she drives along that stretch of road towards Isla Blanca, her tires go flat 3 times.

17 thoughts on “Yucatan Folklore Part 4

  1. Thanks for that story .. I love going to Isla Blanca and will never say anything bad about aluxes while driving there.

  2. I love Aluxes and your Alux stories!.. have you ever seen that cartoon on TV “La Gruta de Alux”? Em likes to watch it sometimes, I have no idea why lol. I sometimes also wonder why they named the big new hotel they built here on Isla “Aluxes”, maybe to make the Aluxes happy? ๐Ÿ˜›

  3. It’s EXTREMELY interesting how some cultures have similar mythical beings! Like my comment in your first folklore post– this reminds me of a Hawaiian menehune. A midget trickster dressed in traditional clothes, who you aren’t supposed to take for granted but respect.

    I wonder how these mythically spooky figures cross cultures?

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