My Christmas in Charlotte

I went to visit my family in Charlotte, NC for Christmas this year.

To be honest, I was way too busy eating, wrapping presents and hanging out to take many photos, but I did manage to get a few in there!

Massive amounts of presents! and yes, we hang out stockings on the couch. We're crazy like that.

Table set for Christmas breakfast!

Our annual Christmas breakfast... sausage and egg casserole! (with cinnamon rolls and fresh pineapple)

My sister's crazy but adorable kitten, Olive

Avert your eyes, vegetarians! Sarah's boyfriend Jared made some venison burger sliders from a buck he hunted himself.

Venison sliders... surprisingly more flavorful than beef!

Our Christmas day "lunch"... venison sliders, sausage and cheese balls, french onion dip and baked cheese dip.

All the desserts we had for Christmas... chocolate fudge, Christmas cookies, pecan pie and chocolate chip cheesecake (a personal favorite)

The family! (minus Jorge)

Sorry it took so long to post these… had some strange computer/photo/Wordpress issues, but I think we’re back now!

11 thoughts on “My Christmas in Charlotte

  1. awww.everyone looks great and standing there w/ their partner, and you w/out Jeorge =(
    I love your guys apt and the way you decorated it for Christmas! Happy new Year!

  2. did i miss you telling us that you were going home? I wouldn’t be surprised… I’ve been a bad reader lately.
    Either way, so happy that you got to see your family for the holiday!

    • You’re right, I never mentioned I was leaving, so don’t worry! I’d read recently that you shouldn’t mention on your blog when you’ll be out of town for safety reasons… I doubt that anyone would want to rob my empty house with no furniture, but you never know haha

  3. Didn’t know you were from Charlotte, NC- that’s such a nice city!
    Wow– its so wonderful you got to go home for the holidays. It didn’t occur to me how each family has their own personal way of celebrating. Venison burgers–who would’ve thought that would be a Xmas meal? ha ha… but your spread looks so warm and wonderfully home-cooked. Too bad Jorge couldn’t join you.

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