10 thoughts on “Google Me

  1. I’m not even going to share the ones that I see for my blog. Haha. I’m not sure they are safe for work. 😉

    But crack chicken and bananas? Tho, I will say that crack chicken is pretty good. I know where to find a recipe if you need one. 😛

    Happy New Year my friend. I hope its filled with lots of good luck.

  2. Hahahahaha – hilarious!!!

    I laugh at some of mine all the time!!! It’s just too “out there” hahahaha.

    The one that creaps me out though?? My name…why is someone searching for me??? LOL!!!

  3. That is literally hilarious!! Before I turned off the search engine linking on my blog someone got it from ‘rhi rhi lyric bitch’.

    Saving is one I think I say every year- good luck to you with it! Yea money goes a lot further over here, so it’s not like we’re short, I get paid about 3000 less than in the UK but still manage to have so much more! It’s just frustrating sometimes when I know I deserve a promotion and it doesn’t happen- really just being greedy hehe!

  4. wow, I get semi normal or perverted ones… but I can see where my blog might popup some of those topics. I think the person that googled you had to be on drugs or something. ha ha… No, crack does not takes like bananas… unless you’re eating them at the time.

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