A Day in Dieting

Good news: Despite craving something sugary, I resisted buying the chocolate-filled rolls from the machine at work today.

Bad news: I bought a bottle of Coke instead.

Good news: I only drank half the bottle.

Bad news: The real reason I stopped drinking Coke was to save room for the massive amounts of sushi I plan on eating after I get home from work.

As you can see, the diet is going well.

12 thoughts on “A Day in Dieting

  1. Your Mom is making sausage balls; but she won’t let me have any. She is already preparing food for Christmas. Christmas morning breakfast casseroll on its way. Diet may not do well next week.

  2. That is so how my attempts at dieting go. You can rest assured that you’re doing better than me today. I’ve probably eaten an entire pound of brittle in addition to three pretzel chocolate cookie dohickeys. And that’s just the sweet stuff!

  3. LOL YOu’re too funny. I ditto after what your dad said. That reminds me to tighten my belt also. My mom will be coming up for Xmas… well, we’ll still be in Korea so maybe I’ll still starve.

  4. I had stopped drinking caffeine altogether, but today I caved in for a coffee. I used the cold Ohio weather as justification.

    There’s no way I’m going to diet being back here for the holidays – bring on the cheesy potatoes and green bean casserole!

  5. i envy your dedication to the diet… I have 40 some days before Hawaii and I suck at doing what is necessary to have my bikini body for that trip. ugh.

  6. At least you’re staying postive! 😉 Just put a cup of however much sugar is in a coke next to your desk. I think it’s like 16 sugar cubes? You won’t want to drink it as often. Or else you might end up eating the sugar cubes…

  7. This kind of logic makes total sense to me. This is why I dread the post baby diet. At least I have 5 more months of eating whatever I want til them. Oh it is going to bad afterwards though…

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