Cell Phones and Naked People

Here in Mexico, they have these extremely obnoxious commercials for cell phone apps.

My favorite is the one that lets you scan people to see through their clothes.

There’s also the X-ray app…

Are these available in the States, too? Or just here?

More importantly, who pays for stuff like this?

12 thoughts on “Cell Phones and Naked People

  1. OMG, everytime that commercial comes on I say the same thing “Who buys this???”. Or how about the localizador de pareja that lets you track down your boyfriend/girlfriend?

  2. I don’t watch a lot of tv, so I could be wrong, but I don’t think we’ve had advertisements for cellphones that do those things here (yet). I could totally see GC (a definite gimme a beer and let me see something naked when I get home from work believer) would be all over that first phone.

  3. Ugh. I’ve seen these. I secretly hope they’re a ploy to take the numbers of all the stupidest people around so they can be culled – or at least neutered.


  4. Oh yea! I’ve been waiting for an app that lets me see people naked for months now! (kidding of course).

    I’m not sure why on earth people would be interested in that but they obviously are.

  5. The naked app?… I can see a whole male population boning up to get that one. Seriously. I don’t know if that really works but it’s kinda scary if it does. Stuff like that should be illegal.

  6. I have always asked myself the same question “who pays for this stuff?” and I have always found that a lot of the commercials/ads here are highly suggestive in nature.

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