Sofa Shopping in Cancun

Can’t remember if I mentioned this, but last Saturday (9 days ago) I won about $350 US playing the slot machines at a Cancun casino… not bad considering I only played $15!!

With that money, plus some money my grandparents had given us at the wedding in July, plus some extra cash I didn’t know I had in my debit account, Jorge and I decided to go ahead and buy a living room set.

This weekend, we went to a lot of local furniture stores to see what we could find.

Shopping for a couch in Cancun is not an easy task. I would say Cancun couches can be divided into five categories:

1. Rattan couches that can be kinda pretty, but the hard armrests make them uncomfortable for lounging. These can also be surprisingly expensive! If I had a sunroom or formal living room, I’d totally buy them… but not for watching TV.

2. Muebles Rusticos Any expat in Mexico who’s worth their salt knows what “rustic furniture” is… large, handmade wood furnishings, often with wrought iron details and unique carvings. Beautiful for dining room furniture, bedroom sets and cabinets, but it has a hard time translating well to living room furniture. It can be done well, but it’s never very comfortable. Very well-priced, and usually paired with brightly-colored patterns on the cushions.

3. Grandma furniture Decent lines, usually pretty comfortable, fairly inexpensive… but kinda horrendous. Hard to believe stores still sell these.

4. Chic and modern, but hard as a rock These couches look sleek, contemporary and attractive… but when you sit on them, they don’t give. At all. Usually harder than the muebles rusticos, to be honest. Very well priced, but I wouldn’t ever use them. That being said, they’re probably the most popular in Cancun right now. Usually made of leather or vinyl.

5. Modern yet cozy Something you can really sink into. These are usually found in higher-end department stores, and can cost quite a lot of money.

If you can find #5 at an inexpensive price, BUY IT. This is the Holy Grail of Mexican furniture.

Here’s what we ended up getting:

A friend of ours is selling us his 1-year-old living room set… modern, cute, and the most comfortable thing I’ve ever sat on.

A little large and overstuffed for my taste, but with 5 reclining seats at $9,000 pesos (about $700 US), I ain’t complainin!

The living room set comes with a couch for 3 (with 2 recliners), a loveseat (with 2 recliners) and an individual recliner.

So whenever you wanna watch TV and eat some popcorn… come on over to our house! Although you’ll probably fall asleep within the first 5 minutes…

13 thoughts on “Sofa Shopping in Cancun

  1. Sure looks comfortable!! Congrats! I ended up having my furniture made 7 years ago as at that time in Cancun I couldn’t find “lounge” type couches etc. now we have so many options for all types of styles, colours etc.

  2. Great looking furn. Hold me a seat, I’m coming to check it out personally…..j/k. Glad you were able to find something that you like and can afford. BTW…..Congrats on winning!!

  3. They look super comfy and really well priced. We’re only renting out here and everything comes furnished. Not looking forward to buying- property is cheap over here but furnishings are certainly not! Well done :)!

  4. OMG– I have to catch up on you. First, I was never a big Rattan person, but they looked kinda nice. Second, WOW– I have never seen a 3-pc recliner sofa like that in my life! That’s incredible. Each person can totally adjust to how they want to watch tv! Ha ha… You totally nailed it.

  5. It looks like three smiles in a row! Very welcoming.

    I would never buy a sofa new in Mexico, considering comfort is #1 priority and why spend a lot for one that’s guaranteed NOT to be. That leather sofa does look very cushy, but I don’t even want to know what it would cost.

    We got a pair of loveseats that came with our last place and they have drawers under them! Comfortable enough for sitting, plus extra storage. Added a single bed for stretching out, and for my son when he finally visits.

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