Special K and Me

I’m starting calorie counting again today.

For those of you who have been reading awhile, you may remember that I lost 10 pounds when I did this a few months ago. I’ve maintained the new weight, which is awesome, but I’ve reached a plateau.

I’m not that big, at 150 pounds (size 10/12), and I don’t feel fat at all. Still, I can’t deny that clothes don’t fit me the way they did a few years ago. I remember what it was like to be 125 pounds and be able to find cute shorts and tank tops that fit me… so here we go.

It’s frustrating to write down every single thing you eat, but  I’ll be darned if it doesn’t work!!

I bought lots of fruit and my Special K yesterday. Apparently they’ve changed it up a bit. Question: How am I supposed to “rediscover” a new cereal? If it’s new, I would be discovering it for the first time… not “rediscovering” it, right?

Maybe I’ve been working as a copy editor for too long. *sigh* To be fair, the new flavor of Special K is pretty awesome.

Any extra advice is very welcome!

10 thoughts on “Special K and Me

  1. That box is too cute! As soon as we get back home I NEED to work on it too! Everything is getting a big ‘snug’ and I always tend to fall off the wagon during ‘hoodie’ season! 🙂 Good luck!

  2. Good for you! My suggestion is to trade the fruit for vegetables and that should help you through your plateau. Perfect timing to write all your food down. The holidays can be rough!

  3. I agree, it’s calorie counting that does it for me too! And I know about how your clothes just don’t fit the same anymore. It sucks! Good luck to you!!

  4. Ugh, I look back at pics of myself in HS and wonder why I ever thought I was fat back then. I wore a size 3/4. WTF!?! Now I’m around a 10/12 and would LOVE to ever be a 6 or so.

    I definitely need to start eating better and exercising. I just need motivation…

  5. I looooooove the newer flavors of Special K. I love the vanilla/almond type best. Or maybe it’s walnut. Some kind of nut.
    For the special K diet, do you eat it for two meals a day, or what?

  6. Well if you have the Body In Balance tv channel my advice is that some on the stuff on that is pretty fun. I’ve been doing it almost every day until yesterday when I got struck down by a head cold. There’s all sorts of shit like bellydancing and brazil dance & get fit and yoga and pilates.

    And the best part is you do it in the privacy of your own home so if, like me, you’re prone to snorts and giggles and falling over you don’t need to be embarrassed!

  7. Sugar or no sugar? That’s the question. I couldn’t never eat Special K unless it had sugar and yet, if I’m counting calories, then Special K w/ sugar is something I probably wouldn’t have anyways. Ha ha…

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