How to Speak Like a Mexicano: American Slang Part 2

Saw this at Malecon Americas mall yesterday…

Come "shopping" and now "eating", too

If you’re not sure about the English usage here, check out my previous post from a few months ago:

How to Speak Like a Mexicano: American Slang

This is a perfect example of the popularity of the English word “shopping” here in Mexico. Unfortunately, they decided to be creative and throw in the word “eating” as well.

It’s so bad, it’s almost physically painful.

I love you Shakey’s, but I just might have to boycott you after this.

11 thoughts on “How to Speak Like a Mexicano: American Slang Part 2

  1. muahaha! Bryan and I love to read the signs at a lot of the Asian restaurants around here. We always get a chuckle. I can barely speak english myself so I try not to be too critical 😉

  2. “Shopping” nor “eating” has reached Veracruz as a fashionable English words mixed into Spanish. Thank goodness.

    However “Dame un ride (pronounced “rye”) and “cor-FLAY” for cornflakes sounds like fingernails on a chalkboard and should be stopped. I always use the correct Spanish words (aventon, hojuelas de maiz) in an effort to stop the exploitation of English words.

    Same goes for Spanish and Chad “Ocho Cinco”. It’s ochenta y cinco, you idiot!


    De eating indeed. What what what what whaaat?

    This sort of lifted my spirits for a bit. I love how flexible people are with other languages!

  4. The funniest thing I found about this is Shakey’s is known for pizza and what do they have for their ad………a picture of fried chicken.

    I can’t speak to badly of the ‘spanglish’, I speak it too well:)

  5. Ha ha.. awesome. yeah, Korea has that hype about English words and you see a lot of funky shirts out there which misspell things or just… say the oddest, not-right things. It’s funny but also a bit sad, really. These days, when I catch a student with English words on their shirt, I make them read it.

    Also, Koreans sometimes spell things the way they say it. I put a photo on one of my blogs of a menu– Crap sandwich. There’s a lot of “Crap” dishes in Korea actually. They can’t pronounce B, but say P instead.

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