Missing October

The weather in Cancun has been gorgeous lately. Cool, slightly crisp air, and less humidity, making it feel *almost* like fall. Sometimes I can smell just  a hint of something on the breeze that takes me back.

Fall has always been my favorite season, but I haven’t seen classic autumn weather in more than 5 years. I really, really miss it right now.

So today’s post is dedicated to fall … because palm trees are amazing, but I miss Virginia’s colors.

13 thoughts on “Missing October

  1. October is also my favorite month in Ohio. I miss the leaves, weather, apple-everything, football and the microbrew beer.

    Maybe next year I’ll make it back.

  2. Next year you and Jorge need to come to Asheville for some fall weather. We can take a drive on the parkway, go pick apples, all wear matching sweaters, and take pictures of ourselves throwing leaves into the air. Ahh…fall.

  3. Fall has become my favorite time of year. I can completely understand why you’re missing it. How about a house swap? You come enjoy NC for a few days and I’ll come hang on your beaches. Deal? 🙂

  4. I think that changing seasons would be the hardest thing for me if I ever moved. Not that we have that many seasons here in Washington.

    You’ll experience it again someday!

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