At Least I'll Save on Paper Towels

I feel like the worst dog owner ever!

At my old house, I managed to get Konan housetrained after much frustration and trickery.

Once we moved into the new house, however, she seemed to forget that outside is the place to go.

Three months later… no progress.

I leave the back door openΒ  all day so that the girls can go outside and do their business whenever they want while Jorge and I are gone. Konan still thinks the living room is the best place to go. (Luckily we have no living room furniture and the floor is all tile.)

We’ve tried many methods, and I’d been avoiding using this one for months.

Still, after everyone seemed to recommend it and ensure us it’s not torture… today we began crate training.

I'm sorry!!!

giant dog bone = guilt

The online experts think it’s good for Konan, so… we’ll see.

I still feel awful.

17 thoughts on “At Least I'll Save on Paper Towels

  1. Our yorkie poo, Chocolat is going to be 9 yrs. old next month. She stays in her cage whenever we are gone so she dosen’t set off the alarm. Also although she is house trained if she is home alone she will use the floors. When I worked she would be caged for as long as 12 hours M-F. Think of it this way….they are #1 pack animals and you and your hubby are his pack, #2 they are den animals and the cage is their den. The den is where they are safest and therefore they actually like it. Leave an article of recently worn clothing in it to cuddle with. Then he has your sent and along with water and food he’s a happy camper. Also leave the door open to it when your home and like Chocolat you will see him go in it for a nap now and then. It’s all good, so don’t worry.

  2. Laura, I’ve never been successful with the crate thing even though I think it’s a good idea. My friend who has a large dog who loves his crate assures me that the key is to feed the dog IN the crate. Makes a huge difference.

    I’m a little more worried about freaks seeing your post about leaving your back door open than I am about the doggie!

    • The house has a back door, and a back gate. We leave the door open, and the gate closed. Only the dogs can get in or out.

      As usual in Mexican cities, our entire backyard is walled in, and only acessible by scaling over a) our 2 story house or b) the backyard walls of 7 neighbors.

      There are 5 preteen girls on our street and the street behind us who regularly help us walk our dogs. They’re always out and about, and I’m sure they’d let someone know if they saw something!

      We’re fine πŸ™‚

  3. Is it supposed to teach the dog to hold it or what?!

    Don’t feel bad though.. if the ‘experts’ say it’s good, then it has to be, right?!

    Plus, at least you’ll save on paper towel! πŸ˜‰

    • Yeah, kinda. She can already hold it for hours… she sleeps in our room and NEVER messes in there at night.

      The idea is to have her ONLY pee when I take her outside. (putting her in the crate when I’m gone eliminates the possibility of the living room as a tiolet.) Once I get a good schedule for her, and praise her every time I take her out to pee, she’ll *hopefully* learn that outside is the place to go and it will be her preferred spot.

  4. Don’t feel bad! Tom is right! If anything, she should feel safe. You could even cover 1/2 of the crate with a blanket to give a more den-like feeling to it for her.

    P.S. I bet she doesn’t feel bad about using your floor as a toilet! πŸ˜‰

  5. I am a firm believer that it’s not torture!!! LOL!! Kiara still goes into her kennel whenever she wants which tells me she likes it!! It’s her safe haven, and it does the trick as far as breaking the bad habit!! Good luck amiga!! Konan can do it! LOL!!

  6. We were the same way with our puppy-then we had to get the crate. Best thing we ever did for him! He’s house trained now & never has to go in there anymore. πŸ™‚

  7. Aw honey don’t feel bad! Mum did this for all our dogs and we’ve had 100s (mum used to foster). It’s the quickest way to teach them and the only way some of them will learn!

    Konan doesn’t mind honestly, it becomes like their home, most of our dogs use it as their bed even after they’re trained! x

  8. I had to try crate training as well with my beagle (he now resides with my parents, I miss him but they have the yard and space for him. And he’s attached to them in the worst way). It was devastating at first, but they do get used to it. Something I always found very reassuring is that dogs have no concept of time. Which isn’t to say you should leave your little one in the crate all day (that’s cruel) but an hour or so here and there is totally fine until they get used to peeing outside on the regular.

    Cute pup!!!!

  9. I remember seeing an episode on Dog Whisperer where the dog’s pee behavior had to do with wanting to punish its owners for leaving it. Somethign like that. Anyways, the crate idea sounds like a logically good idea… and it’s punishment back.

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