Estrellas del Bicentenario

For Mexico’s Bicentenario this year, one of the country’s main TV stations, Televisa, has put together videos celebrating nine states. The series is called “Estrellas del Bicentenario”. They are absolutely some of the most stunning videos I’ve seen, and the scenery is definitely not exaggerated.

I’m putting up all 9 for anyone who wants to watch them… the first 2 are obviously my favorites, since they’re the states I can call “home”. Enjoy!

Here’s the video for Quintana Roo, where Cancun is located:









9 thoughts on “Estrellas del Bicentenario

  1. Aww I love them so much! I love how all the girls pet and hug the animals as if they were kitties or puppies! Love eeeeeeeet!

    My favorite is the one with the manatee ;D.

    Feliz bicentenario!

  2. A) Absolutely beautiful. I mean, holy cow.
    B) These videos make it look like the animals are super friendly. I am jealous. I want a friendly flamingo!
    C) Does the wind blow constantly in Mexico, or was that just for the camera to make the dresses flowy?

  3. Amazing! But let me say that if I saw a woman galavanting on the beach in a big dress, splashing around and such. I’d leave. I’d be worried she was on drugs.

  4. Ash: I know! I can’t stop watching them

    Harley: The first one’s my fave, too!

    Nena: HAHAHAHA I wouldn’t try hugging those animals in real life, though.

    K: I thought the same thing, but then when I saw the other videos I realized they’re focusing more on nature and ancient history. They did overdo it a little with Cozumel, though haha

    GRRRL: Me too! I guess you’d appreciate the videography more than anyone 🙂

    Salt: Thanks! I think they’re pretty awesome, too.

    Catie: It does blow a lot here near the ocean, but if I were to go out on the streets of Cancun in that dress, I doubt it would look that graceful.

    Nikki: Really? I’d worry the most when she starts hugging jaguars, making out with flamingos and tackling alligators.

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