Our Cost of Living in Cancun

Lately I’ve been seeing a few blogs and forums talking about this, and yesterday I got a comment asking about it, so this weekend, ya’ll get to hear about…

Our cost of living in Cancun!

Jorge and I probably live more expensively than most people here my age, but much, much cheaper than others. (We spend more than most people here make.)

Also keep in mind that Cancun, as a tourist destination, tends to be more expensive than other cities in Mexico.

Our Monthly Expenses (Pesos/approx US dollar amount)

Rent (3 bedroom , 2 bathroom house with small yard): $4500/$360

Water bill: $50/$4

Electric: $350/$28

Sky (satellite TV): $280/$23

Cell phones: $300/$24

Groceries: $800/$64 (varies)

Expenses (taxis and buses to work/school, lunch every day for both, outings with friends, takeout): $7200/$576 ($1800/$144 a week)

Extras (dog grooming, gas tank refill for the stove, special outings, etc): $500/$40

Total: $13,180 pesos / $1,054 US Dollars

Kinda scary to see it all laid out like that!

Not nearly as inexpensive as Leslie Limon! Lucky.

How does yours compare?

32 thoughts on “Our Cost of Living in Cancun

  1. Not bad at all, considering that you do live in Cancun. I live in a small town with no tourists. 🙁 I forgot to mention our cell phone expenses, which is about 200 pesos a month. And I do spend a little more on groceries and frequent trips to la tiendita.

  2. Wow Laura!! Good post as I am curious as to what others costs are here!!!

    Our cost of living is much higher…MUCH. I don´t want to post as I don´t want to be ¨judged´´ lol. **ashamed**

    I find medical costs here to be quite expensive. Much more than other areas of Mexico…Certainly more than Canada (FREE!!!)

    • Lauren, you would FLIP your LID!!! if you knew how much medical coverage is in the states! It should be a crime! Canada and Mexico are so much better than the states in the regard….

  3. Yep, I should be living in Cancun! My expenses are MUCH higher! My gas & electric alone runs about 120 US per month during summer months .. winter about 180-200 US a month. My cell phone is 70 US a month.

  4. Our cost of living is defnitely lower than when I lived in Canada..one of the benefits of living in Cancun even though Cancun is more expensive than most areas in Mexico

  5. I did one of these recently 🙂 I can’t believe how cheap the rent on your house is!!

    In the UK I was paying the equivalent of over $830USD on a one bedroom mouldy hell hole flat!

    It is scary seeing all your expenses listed out like that though, actually seeing where all your hard earned money is going! I love seeing the cost of living for people in other countries… gives me an idea of where to move to next! x

  6. Holy Crap. Your monthly expenses are hundreds of dollars less than my monthly rent alone. I guess that’s what I get for living in the third most expensive place in the US!

    • Uh…are you kidding? I live in Baltimore MD…def not an upscale city by any means…and pay for a crapola 1 BR $700 in rent alone. Food is another $400 at least, I eat quality organic vegetables, so my costs are a little more…other expenses, like car payments ($300), insurance ($100), Gas and Electric ($100), lunch ($200), and a night out or two a week ($300- $600)..and you are closer to 2,000 to 2,500. And no beach, no warmth after Nov 15th to April 15th and finally just being in the same place all the time can get positively old. I have lived in Mexico before and have always found it to be much less expensive than living in the United States. Not to mention it’s close proximity to the US, so whenever I miss home, I jump on the plane and come home. It’s the best of both worlds…and I think this year I will finally be in the position to have a home in both places…I”m very very excited.

  7. Girl I lived in Mecxico- Merida- isla and cancun- for 4.5 yrs and herein the states- me, husband and lil’ bot spend $2800-$3000 a month that is cheap!!!!!! I like your blog!

  8. Love the blog….very interesting information and a quick glimpse of your wonderful life in a wonderful land, some of us dream of landing in at one point. Thanks for sharing with us. ~Melissa

  9. I’m moving to Isla Mujeres where I will be a remote, freelance writer ideally earning 1,200 USD between articles, giving tours in native english, playing trombone (once I get one sent to me down there!) and/or selling fish I catch to restaurants…

    I’d like to know how much a scooter or a motorcycle would cost me in Cancun. Could anyone help?


    • I bought a kinda crappy, but good yamaha moped in isla in 2004 for 3500 pesos. I would assume you can still get one for more or less than that. just buy it on the isla. it’s easier and probably cheaper.

  10. I want to come to live in Cancun. I work online, make a modest living here in Houston, TX. Please advise me on what approach to take to move there. Thx.

  11. I am 21 years old, I visited Cancun and absolutly fell in love, I live in oregon and am currently going to school to be an emt and work for medix, I am very set on moving to quintana roo/ Cancun area in Mexico. I have been studying up on various website and getting as much info as possible… I am in love with the people, weather, lifestyle, language absolutly everything!!! I feel lost in my hometown and have never felt like I fit in, I feel like a belong there and I can see myself being extremely happy there, please comment and give me ur opinions on the idea of moving and living there, costs per month, ect…..


  12. OMG..what you spend in a month I make in a week!!! jUST to pay the bills with no life!!!


    What is the job market like there?

  13. Thanks for your time detailing your costs of living, I have been looking for work there. I am a US citizen currently living abroad and will be relocating to Mexico. Are there any decent jobs there that would make in the range of $2-3000 USD per month?

    Thanks in advance if you can be of any help, I will relocate my family there with me after I have secured that employment. Any ideas?

    Scott & Family

  14. My husband was deported to his country (South Africa) and can’t come back to the states. We have been separated for 5 yrs and would like to reunite.My job requires me to travel in the states and I’d take too much of a pay cut to move to SA. Does anyone know if this is a place where we can relocate and reunite without having to deal with a bunch of immigration nonsense?

  15. If we moved to cancun where would you have to look for houses, apartments, etc. How much would it cost to get set up for the first couple of months.

    • Hi Tena,

      Your best bet would be to stay in an inexpensive hotel for a few weeks and walk around the neighborhoods you might be interested in to get a feel for where you want to live. Any available houses should have for sale signs or for rent signs. You can look online as well, but won’t find as many options.

      The cost would all depend on your budget and situation.

    • Hi Desiree! Finding a job in Mexico is much like other places: for a decent job, you need to know somebody. Expats I know who have lived in Cancun for years can usually find a nice job. People who have just moved here typically cannot. There’s new legislation this year making it a little more difficult for foreigners to get Mexican jobs, but if you can get one, the pay in Cancun is usually from $5,000 – $25,000 pesos (roughly $400 – $2,000 USD), usually closer to the lower end of that range.

      When first moving to the area, it’s usually easiest to find a job in time share sales to get started (they hire more foreigners), then get a better job once you have more friends/connections in the area. An even better option is to find a job in your home country (US or Canada) that will allow you to work abroad; that way you’re probably earning more money.

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