Weekend at Sandos Caracol All-Inclusive Resort

This weekend, Jorge and I went with some of our friends to Sandos Caracol Resort in Playa del Carmen for my friend Juan’s birthday. We’d been once before, and we LOVE IT! It’s an all-inclusive eco-resort, and they’ve done everything they can to leave a lot of the native surroundings intact. Most resorts here tend to cut down everything to make room for villas, pools, bars, etc. This hotel has done the same, but still left behind lots of local mangrove all over the property.

This means lots of wildlife roaming on the resort grounds, a creek running through the middle of the resort, beautiful mangrove scenery and 2 gorgeous cenotes.

I love the layout of the hotel. Many resorts here have a bunch of builings set in a semi-circle in front of the beach, with the big pool area in the middle. This resort is a bit different, with small villas spread out along winding paths throughout the property, with restaurants and small pools nestled in there. It definitely makes things feel a lot more private.

24-hour outdoor buffet? Yes, please!

View of the mangrove from my favorite bar

The spa has a sauna, showers, jacuzzis and hydromassage pool with beds that you can use FOR FREE!! I have definitely spent a few hours here 🙂

People in Mayan costumes hanging out in the parking lot before a show 🙂

A 100% Mexican dog breed, called a Xoloitzcuintle, known for being used by the ancient Mayans and Aztecs

The adults pool, where we usually spend most of our time

Gringation, living the life

The main outdoor buffet often gets special visitors...

"I like to move it, move it"

The hotel just got a new kids' water park this year, called Splash.

Getting a little better at taking nighttime photos...

Freshly rolled cigars

Las Mascaras Mexican restaurant

The resort is currently completely renovating some of their guestrooms, mainly the ones closest to the beach. They’re going to be bigger, more modern and more eco-friendly. The main pool will also be bigger. AWESOME!  (The renovations in no way affected our stay, btw, and everything still looks attractive!)

Mr. and Mrs. Gringation

During certain seasons, Sandos Caracol gives special discounts to locals. We got an all-inclusive deal for $650 pesos (about $50 US) per person per night. Not too shabby!

The staff is incredibly friendly and the grounds are impeccable, yet natural. We’ll definitely be back a third time!

Check back later this week for pics of our hotel room, and the great idea they have for keeping guests eco-friendly!

22 thoughts on “Weekend at Sandos Caracol All-Inclusive Resort

  1. I haven’t been on vacation forever so thanks for letting me share yours in a small way 😉

    I didn’t know that about the dog breed. Super interesting! …And OMG, I love the raccoons! I would probably sit there and feed them all day like ducks at a pond. LOL.

    Great to see another couple that looks like what my husband and I see in the mirror 🙂


  2. You see!? You go to a hotel and you remember your camera. Dammit, I’m so disorganised!

    That dog is WEIRD looking, but the raccoons are as cute as anything! I’d take one home!

  3. I can’t believe those racoons just come over like that. The ones in my neighborhood are very agressive. You are truly the luckiest girl in the world. What a wonderful way to spend a weekend. I am so jealous!

    I still haven’t swam in a cenote yet. We were going to when were in Tulum, but the cenote had a resident alligator and there was no way I was getting in!

  4. Your ‘Move It Movie It’ comment made me laugh out aloud. I think I woke the kiddos up so thanks a LOT. And a Xoloitzcuintle?? Wow, I’m so intrigued by them.. off to google… Much luv from Texas ~ T

  5. Wow– your honeymooning just keeps going! 😉 That places looks fabulous & the iguana & raccoons – OMG- priceless. Are the raccoons safe to play with or is it one bite & you’ve got to get your rabies shot?

  6. That is a seriously good deal. We stayed at another Sandos – Playacar, and loved it. We looked at that one, not sure why we chose the other. It is so fun that y’all get to vacation close to home.

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