Getting Ready for My Wedding

Just got some more wedding pictures!!! Thought I’d take advantage to give a shout-out to some of my amazing vendors.

Photographer: Sarah Winfree (my sister!)

Hair: Tai Spa in Merida

Dressmaker: Becky Winfree (my mom!)

Makeup Artist: Vanessa Dominguez Alvarez (check her out on Facebook) Here’s some more of her work: (JLo! Seriously! Hands that touched JLo’s face have touched my face!)

Anyway enough famous people. On to my photos…

I also got professional photos of my flowers! I’ll be showing those next week. 🙂

16 thoughts on “Getting Ready for My Wedding

  1. So did she invite JLo to your wedding? This is the part where you tell us the twins were the flower girl and ring bearer right? You just can’t show us the photos yet because you’ve sold the rights to US Weekly?

    Beautiful hair and makeup. Still LOVE your bouquet too!

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