How to Install AC in Mexico

Looks like the AC Guy has a pretty long ladder, right?

WRONG! He was actually precariously balanced on THIS:

Ladder balanced on the rusty awning bars above my front patio.

I was praying nothing would go horribly wrong… and all was miraculously well. Thank you, God.

So anyway, we finally have our AC 🙂 I can go back to sleeping bundled up in pijama pants, cuddled up with multiple blankets. No longer do I have to sleep spread-eagle on my back. Yay!

**I know it doesn’t look level, but it is. The ceiling has a slight slant to it.**


13 thoughts on “How to Install AC in Mexico

  1. Well, Irish Health and Safety would have a field day with that man. Maybe he wanted to fall so he could try sue you for damages! Crafty!!

    And yes, AC in hot countries is a must.

  2. how large would u have to drill. I live in US and I think these ACs are better than the wal units. u have to put a one foot hole in the wall here.

    • It’s a Daewoo Nano Silver. To hang it, it’s just a few screws like if you were hanging a TV on the wall. The hole we have for the tubing and stuff is about 3 or 4 inches in diameter. Hope that helps!

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