How to Make an Amazing Dinner With No Stove

Jorge and I have developed a bad habit of eating dinner while watching TV (his fault) and of ordering takeout too often (my fault). So the past 2 nights, we’ve made an effort to cook our own meals and eat them at our table (yay! We have a *plastic* table now!).

Since we have some pretty awesome wedding gifts and a small but charming front patio, we decided to take advantage and do something cool. The end result was pretty awesome.

We ran out of gas in our small tank, so using the stove and oven was out of the question. Thank God we have this:

Sliced zucchini topped with feta cheese... yum! The recipe called for eggplant, but the supermarket didn't have any, so I improvised. I think the zucchini turned out better anyways.

Dinner looked like this:

Zucchini turned out great:

Homemade guacamole, Caesar dressing and CHILE MAYONNAISE!!

MMM dinner! Quesadillas, caesar salad, zucchini with feta, and canteloupe juice... all of the dishes, drinkware and serving dishes were wedding presents 🙂

So lucky 🙂

19 thoughts on “How to Make an Amazing Dinner With No Stove

  1. this is not only beautiful but completely awesome! I love that you guys made it a point to do this and hope you continue! Dinner is such a great time to be together and into one another! Way to go!

  2. Did you invite Bob? Oh, I see you did not.
    Don’t ya know you’re not supposed to watch tv the first month of your marriage?

  3. FLGirl: Me too! The patio was the main reason we rented this house 🙂

    Nikki: Whenever you want! I wanna attend one of your Swiss lunches, too.

    Salt: Thanks 🙂 We really had to get creative without the stove haha

    Ang: I hope so, too. I asked Jorge what his favorite part about dinner was, and he said, “talking to you” Awwwww

    Krysten: Mi casa es tu casa, amiga!

    Amy: HAHAHAHA nobody told me that rule. Thanks for the bamboo presents. The serving tray was perfect for the quesadillas!

    Harley: No, they’re from Pottery Barn. (I know, I know, I feel like Rachel from Friends in the apothecary table episode) No recipe for chile mayonnaise… it’s store bought! I suppose you could just chop up small bits of jalapeno and mix it in, though. Same thing.

  4. My own little June Cleaver. I am such a proud Dad. It is great to have the family sit down to dinner together. I am afraid that it is a lost custom in America.

  5. Looks good even without an oven!!!

    Oh & I totally forgot to add you today in my fav blogs to read that I subscribe to–but I added you as an update! lol

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