My Wedding Bouquets

Just came across these leftover photos from the morning after my wedding.

Since a few of you asked to see more pictures of my flowers, these are the best I can do for now haha. The only flowers we really had were the bouquets, and only 1 table arrangement.

My bouquet

My bouquet up close - roses, freesia, tulips and orchids

bridesmaid's bouquet - roses and freesia

18 thoughts on “My Wedding Bouquets

  1. Such beautiful flowers! We were married in Cancun, and I was way too anal to chance having my flowers done sight unseen. So we ended up bringing silk flowers with us as carryon. We were stopped at the airport several times, both in the US & MX, and told that we weren’t allowed to bring flowers into MX! They looked so real that we had to make everyone do the touch test to let us through. Congrats!

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