Cheester Pasta

Last night, Jorge and I went to dinner with 2 of our best friends at one of my favorite restaurants… Cheester!

Cheester is a great casual outdoor restaurant that sells ENORMOUS pastas. Customers can write all over the walls, and the menu is written on a chalk board inside. It’s ALWAYS full!

First, they bring you rolls with a DELICIOUS habanero sauce... this sauce is so spicy, you can't eat more than a few drops of it! 🙂

The lamps over the tables are made of plastic funnels 🙂

Juan and Viri ordered the Don Corleone pasta... this is also Jorge's favorite!

I ordered Margarita pasta (and shared a little with Jorge, who'd already eaten dinner). Lots of cheese, red sauce and pesto! Mmmm! Definitely a serving for 2 or 3 people.

Juan, Viri, Jorge and Gringation

Good luck getting a table! Only downside is that this place closes at 11 pm… very early by Cancun standards.

14 thoughts on “Cheester Pasta

  1. Prueba los ravioles de 4 fav! yummi! damn ya se me antojaron u,u
    Si no fuera por las constantes quejas de los vecinos cerrarían mas tarde…pero bueno, igual en Cheester les gusta cotizarse y hacerse del rogar jaja es q estan tan buenas es imposible no ir por tu racion *¬*
    by the way, no hablaste de las bebidas haha también estan perronas ;9

    • hahaha Yeah, that’s probably why they don’t open on Sundays, either! Every Sunday we say, “Let’s go to Cheester!… Oh wait, it’s closed today” haha Se hacen la dificil y se dejan desear 😉

      I haven’t tried many drinks there, but their cherry limeade is AMAZING!

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