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Outside my window.. there’s a pretty big flock of black birds circling over the school beside my office. Kinda creepy. Other than that, beautiful blue skies with cotton-candy-esque clouds.

The time is.. 9:33 a.m. central time

Today I feel.. happy with life, but kinda dazed. I’ve been translating so much lately that my brain is pretty fried.
I am thinking.. about how I still call my husband my “boyfriend”. It’s only been a few weeks haha I’ll get there.
At the moment, I am thankful.. that the electricity in the new house got fixed yesterday! Thanks for recommending your handyman, Lauren!
I am going.. to an all inclusive resort in a week and a half!
I am wearing.. my work uniform, including new pants and shoes! I no longer look sad with a dingy blue skirt and broken shoes haha
I wish.. we had 2 TVs. Jorge and I don’t exactly have the same taste in TV shows… except for Parental Control on MTV, but you can only watch but so much of that.
I am reading.. Book of the Dead by Patricia Cornwell.
I am working on.. a 3-page translation for work.
I am hoping.. that we get an AC unit installed SOON, and that all the doggy pee makes it to the backyard today, not my living room.
I am hearing.. people in the office chatting.
I bet you didn’t know.. That we finally have a table and chairs in the house! Ok, it’s a long plastic table that I bought last year and left at my in-laws’ house… plus 4 wicker chairs and a tablecloth they lent us… but still!!! Now I can have people over and they’ll have somewhere to sit! The wicker chairs are actually pretty cute, too.
One of my favorite.. pizza places from my childhood recently opened at my favorite mall in Cancun… Oh, Sbarro’s, how I’ve missed you!
My weekend plans include.. work Saturday morning… then whatever the heck I want to do. 🙂 We opted to stay in last weekend, so maybe we’ll cut loose this weekend *fingers crossed*

13 thoughts on “Just Thursday

  1. Haha. I LOVE that you mentioned Sbarro. I work just around the corner from a local mall, and sometimes (read: once so far) go to the mall and grab a slice because it reminds me of being a kid at the mall. Part of me isn’t sure if I should like “mall pizza” so much…but I don’t care!

  2. Ahh…it’s okay! I still call Adam my fiance sometimes [and it’s been like 10 months!] So jealous you’ll be staying at an awesome all inclusive resort this weekend…and I have to plan for a year to go!! 🙂 Enjoy every minute of it! Thanks for linking up!

  3. When I got back from France I couldn’t stop thinking in French. Being able to flip back/forth between two languages is definitely an acquired skill. Enjoy the ‘new’ table & chairs 🙂

  4. Oh I’m crossing my fingers on the pee thing for you. I hated that stage in my dogs life.

    Husband will come easier with time…enjoy the boyfriend part…you have the rest of your lives!

  5. Amy: I know!! Definitely not healthy, but it’s like a big slice of childhood haha

    MurdocksMama: The only problem is I never get to stay at hotels for more than 1 night. We do get a local discount though 🙂 $800 pesos (about $70 US) per day

    Suz: Yeah it does get hard! Just the other day I forgot the English word for crab claws/pincers. Sad haha

    Nikki: Thanks! The 2 older dogs are house trained, but the puppy (4 months old) only gets it right about 80% of the time haha.

    Harley: Yeah, I don’t have a problem with “hubbie”, but I still can’t bring myself to say it! haha I’ve only read 1 Patricia Cornwell book before, but I loved it! Plus I grew up in Richmond, where I think most of the stories take place, so that’s kinda cool.

    Krysten: I knooooow! I might actually be going to the food court for lunch today… must stay away from the pizza hahaha

  6. thanks for visiting me on my special day!! it was really nice to recieve all the overwhelming support! glad you all liked me blog!!

    enjoy your day and lets keep in touch!!!

    if you are already a follower thanks!

    if not – come and follow me! 🙂

  7. OhhhAwwww I absolutely LOVE the picture on your blog!

    Thanks so much for stopping by my blog! I had quite a few people asking me how we are winning a GPS, so I made a new post with the information… it’s totally cool!

    Have a wonderful weekend 🙂

  8. I love this idea for a blog! I might have to “appropriate” (aka steal) this from you at some point. Haha… I love that you still call your husband your boyfriend. Wouldn’t be in a terrible hurry to change that. It’s kind of endearing and more romantic.

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