Flamingo Photo Hunt!

Most of Jorge’s family comes from a small fishing village called Chabihau, about 45 minutes from Merida (3 – 4 hours from Cancun).

Chabihau is set on the coast of the Gulf of Mexico, and it also has a large lagoon.

During the summer, flocks of dozens of flamingos will often migrate to the lagoon at Chabihau. People who live there are used to it, but I get pretty friggin excited!!

Last weekend, Jorge and I went to visit his family in Chabihau. We could see flamingos on the lagoon from his aunt’s house, but they weren’t close enough to get a good photo. Sooooo Jorge’s dad took us out to another spot on the lagoon to get a closer look.

To get a closer look, we had to cross THIS little island.

fishing boat on the lagoon, taken from the little island we walked across

The first half of the little island we crossed was entirely covered in shells

and the second half was covered in these holes made by sand crabs

Can you find the crab?

Finally, after cautiously stepping over broken shells and sand crabs, we got to the other side for some slightly closer photos of the flamingos on the lagoon.

Jorge Sr and Jorge Jr walking back to the road 🙂

The husband.

Sunset over the ocean... plus me!

Tomorrow: Combing the beach at Chabihau for seashells at sunset.

10 thoughts on “Flamingo Photo Hunt!

  1. What a beautiful spot!! I haven’t heard of that place before. We have gone to Rio Lagartos and Celestun in the past and we always had a great time photographing the flamingos

  2. Took a trip to Celestun once and loved it so much. Got tons of great seashells. Wasn’t lucky enough to see flamingos tho.

  3. Oh my God the light. The sunset. The flamingoes. I literally want to pack my things and hop on the next flight out. Why oh why am I not a millionaire?!

  4. The only flamingos I’ve ever seen in the wild were the plastic ones in my neighbors lawn after a wild night of partying. That’s really cool! I’m so gld you got your pictures working again because I love them!

  5. Absolutely amazing, what a phenomenon to be able to witness! Connah and I have been discussing holiday destinations- never been outside of Europe before and now we live in one of the hot countries, for a proper holiday we need to get out of Europe somewhere much more exotic… Mexico is deffo in our top 5, looks incredible! x

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