My Mexican Wedding Reception Part 2

Ceremony photos are here, and Reception part 1 photos are here. Enjoy!

Noelle teaching Daddy to take a tequila shot. He drank half of it, then said, "WHAT? You're supposed to drink the whole thing?"

My friend Fumiko ๐Ÿ™‚ Loooove the kimono!

Jorge with his hands on my legs

Salsa dancing with Grandpa ๐Ÿ™‚

My best friend Zareth flew in from Toluca for the wedding!! We usually don't like to stand next to eachother because she feels really short and I feel like a giant... in this picture, she's wearing heels and I'm wearing flats, to give you an idea haha

Cousin Naivi teaching flower girl Mirle to dance ๐Ÿ™‚

Mexican tradition... Bride and Groom stand on chairs with a veil between them. All the single girls form a line and dance around the room, always going under the veil when they pass by. This is followed by throwing the bouquet.

Sister Sarah caught the bouquet!

Another Mexican tradition... the single men form a line while the groom pours tequila down their throats. Gotta love Mexico!

And my fave picture…

Me ringing the hacienda's bells with my sister Noelle ๐Ÿ™‚

16 thoughts on “My Mexican Wedding Reception Part 2

  1. Oh gosh, more photos of your flowers please! They are so beautiful! Your wedding looks a lot like our wedding. Lots of tequila ๐Ÿ˜‰

    I heard that game where the bride and groom stand on the chair like than can get crazy!

  2. Felicidades nenix se ve que estubo muy padre tu boda, desafortunadamente no pudeir ya sabes, estoy en tu patria y era muy complicado, pero te deseo lo mejor del mundo, un abrazo muy fuerte para ti y Jorge que Dios los bendiga

  3. What a fun wedding! You look absolutely stunning in your dress. And the picture of the tequila tradition; I’m sure the men all loved that! Glad you finally got your pictures working again, it’s great to see them!

  4. HAHAHA! I love the caption on that first picture! Your dad’s a cutie! Did he partake in the tequila-pouring congo line later on??

    And yes, THOSE FLOWERS. Blurry hell!

    And the children dancing are the cutest of the cutest. I sort of just want to eat them up.

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  6. I LOVE your dress, it’s so beautiful!๎€ŽI also love your friend zareths dress, I just wish she hadn’t worn it for your wedding, it looks similar to yours; even the color matches. I hope it wasn’t done on purpose.

    • Definitely not on purpose! Zareth’s dress is actually a traditional Mexican dress used for events. (I own one myself!) The material is more cottony, and the dresses aren’t too much alike other than the shape of the bodice.

      It’s also worth mentioning that in Mexico, wearing white to a wedding isn’t a big faux-pas like it is in the States.

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