Mixed Bridal Shower

Last Monday night, my aunts threw Jorge and me a mixed bridal shower at the villas. Some of my friends came, along with my in-laws. It was such a fun time, and a little embarrassing as well 🙂

The cake table! My Aunt Bobbi handpainted some flower pots to use as decorations. Now I get to keep them 🙂 Can't wait to put flowers in them.

The cake got a bit smushed, but it was still really good!

We started off with everyone writing down advice for Jorge and me, then reading it aloud in English and in Spanish. Very cool 🙂 Aunt Amy made us a little book with all the advice for us to keep.

Amy reading the advice and cousin Meghan translating

Cousin Aubrie's advice. She is a wise, wise girl.

My family 🙂

 Next, we played the most fun and embarrassing game EVER. (I highly recommend this one!!!) I was taken out of the room while all the guys were lined up side by side. I had to guess who was who BLINDFOLDED and I could only touch them from the knee down. *sigh* I had to find which one was Jorge, and I got $5 for any other correct guess along the way.

I guessed Uncle Brandon within 3 seconds because everyone knows he wears deck shoes with no socks.

Then, I thought my Uncle John Wayne was Jorge. EMBARRASSING! Hey, both have hairy legs and muscular calves.

The most humiliating part was when I thought my cousin Sam was my sister Noelle. (To be fair, nobody had told me it was going to be men only) Sam's mom insists he has hairy legs and doesn't understand how I thought it was Noelle. I can assure you, this kid does NOT have hairy legs, and he has very dainty feet.

Next, I guessed Grandpa Brown was Uncle Trent. Not too far off.

Then came Jorge. I felt ankle bracelets, and since everyone had been from my family thus far, I kept thinking of guys in my family. I couldn’t figure it out for the life of me, so I finally just guessed cousin Shayne. I was told I was wrong and had to move on to the next person. As soon as I moved on, it hit me. Ankle bracelets. Jorge. I’m an idiot. I said, “Wait, was the last one Jorge?!” and then it was over. 🙂

Best. Game. Ever. It would be awesome to be a spectator instead of a participant haha.

Luckily Jorge wasn't upset about the ankle bracelet thing.

Aunt Amy, Mommy, Aunt Jorja, Aunt Bobbi and Aunt Marlies (We pronounce it "ant", not "aunt")

Cousin Aubrie, Cousin Meghan, Me, Sister Noelle, and Sister Sarah

What a great night 🙂

20 thoughts on “Mixed Bridal Shower

  1. Yes, your Uncle Brandon IS very stylish!! And yes, Sammy does have hairy legs, especially for a little guy! And yes, I’ll give you “dainty feet” too.

    I apologize for not making it clear before you started that it was all guys lined up. I gasped when you guessed Noelle because I realized my huge mistake, but it turned out very funny. I’m glad you enjoyed the game (sort of?). It was a challenge to find “activities” for a co-ed, multi-generational, bilingual crowd. Thanks to Viri for assuring me this would go over okay with Jorge and his gang. Both activities were chosen to help “reach out and touch” both crowds, pun intended! You were a great sport. And we were all very impressed that you DID guess Jorge, even if it was slightly late.

    I loved this blog post!


    • Hey Amy! I’m thinking maybe I just touched Sam’s knees and feet, maybe that’s why I didn’t notice the hairyness haha. It was definitely an awesome game and an even more awesome party!

      • Clarification: If you went from knee to foot, which you pretty much did, you wouldn’t notice Sam’s hairy legs. (Hairy for a kid, not hairy like a man!) If you went from ankle to knee and guessed Noelle, I’d have to conclude that Noelle is known for some serious stubble on her very short legs (Sam is 4’3″)!

        That’s what makes it all fun!

  2. I can’t get over how alike you, Sarah and I look in that picture of us with the cousins! That dress is so cute and flattering on you too!!

  3. Ok, first up, Jorge is so cute! You have a handsome husband there Laura. Second, this looks like it was a great party. What a great group of friends and family you have!

  4. oh my gosh, that game sounds hilarious! i don’t know if i would want to be feeling up on my uncles and grandpa though… 🙂

    i’ll keep that one in mind if i ever get married!

  5. Okay, your mom and your “ants” are disgusting — so pretty. And I love how your whole family went on vacation for your wedding. If I ever marry again, it will be a wedding/vacation.

  6. OMG– that’s such a great idea…a mixed bridal shower! I’ve never heard of that before. I love the tips for a happy marriage and the guessing game you played! Totally brilliant. Your friends and family are wonderful for making that time extra special for the both of you!

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