I'm Slowly Turning into a Mexican

Dear readers,

I had an epiphany yesterday. With one defining moment, I realized that I am now more Mexican than I am American. What inspired this revelation, you ask?

I’ve recently become obsessed with McCormick’s Mayonnaise with Chile. I got so excited when I saw this at the store, I had to buy it.

19 thoughts on “I'm Slowly Turning into a Mexican

  1. Don’t like mayo either :/. I love how you update your blog so often!

    The other bloggers I read are kinda lazy I guess :P.

  2. WHAT?! YUM! Giveaway giveaway! *jumps up and down*

    I mean after your wedding of course, we know you’re a busy girl.

    We can make it a hole mayo series. I’ll contribute some wasabi mayo.

  3. Fun times!! We’re not even close to Mexican, but often joke when we eat tacos, burritos, etc. for dinner by praying, “Lord, thank you for making Mexicans.” What amazing food we can make Mexican style. Love it. 🙂
    Dropping by from SITS

  4. Followed this link from your more recent post and saw the mayo, thinking…oh, she’s turning Mexican by thinking that it’s totally cool to leave mayo laden pasta out in the hot Yucatecan sun! Wrong assumption, but I remember being horrified in my husband’s village when they’d leave food unrefridgerated for a few days, like pasta salad. Of course, they had no fridge, so I don’t know where it’d go, but still.

  5. McCormick Mayo is way better than any American Mayo even in the plain version, good thing they have it available in the Hispanic section in Walmart now. Recently I noticed Kraft and Hellman’s tried copying the McCormick and wrote the label in Spanish “Mayonesa con Limon” but it’s still not as good.

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