Downtown Cancun: Bankrupt and Overflowing with Garbage

Berenice Polanco, the President of the City Treasury, recently stated, “There hasn’t been clarity in how the city accounts have been handled over the last two years.” By next September, there should be a deficit of $107 million pesos, despite the fact that the former mayor of Cancun, Greg Sanchez, had insisted that the city had completely recovered from last year’s Swine Flu Crisis.

Greg insists it’s because the city had to borrow millions of pesos to pay government workers during the crisis, but Polanco points out that a lot of information is missing from the city treasury’s records.

I’ve heard that a group of federal auditors will be coming into Cancun to find out what the heck is going on, and it’s rumored that up to $800 million pesos are unaccounted for.

That’s the short version, anyway.

Personally, I would love to know how such an amazing tourist destination, with a safe and immaculate Hotel Zone and loads of money pouring in, manages to go bankrupt. It takes some very special people to pull that off.

How does this affect us “Cancunenses“? Looks like over the past few months, the city of Cancun can’t pay its garbage company. The poorest neighborhoods have been hit the hardest. People have trash bags piling up outside their homes and on their streets. Trucks that used to go by every day now only go by once a week or, in some neighborhoods, once a month.

Luckily in my new neighborhood, each street has its own dumpster (instead of putting bags outside your house). Right now, the dumpster for my street is overflowing…

9 thoughts on “Downtown Cancun: Bankrupt and Overflowing with Garbage

  1. Supposedly Veracruz is in big financial trouble too, since the last governor spent and borrowed to fund several social projects. Hope this does not slow down or stop the garbage pick up here – the city is dirty enough as it is!

    Hope they pay the bill to pick up the trash in Cancun…I can’t imagine they would let that continue into prime tourist season.

  2. Wow, that’s terrible. 🙁 They need to get their act together. Don’t they know that trash on the streets will hurt their tourism and worsen their bottom line?

  3. Our town has been looking the same way. But not because they haven’t paid the Garbage men. Our town has gone “green” and changed the entire trash schedule. And I do believe that you just inspired my next blog post. 🙂

  4. That’s horrible. Wouldn’t the government worry about all that collecting trash harming the tourist industry. Your neighborhood has neat piles at least but I’m sure some neighborhoods have torn bags and trash everywhere. But I guess that’s the shady side of the government & politics.

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