Doggie Baths

Early Saturday evening I was hanging out at the new house when I hear yelling from outside our front gate.

“Señorita Laura! Señorita Laura!”

Turns out these girls wanted to go to Wet n Wild on Monday, so they were trying to do odd jobs around the neighborhood to raise some money. I told them if they wanted, they could come back tomorrow morning.

Sure enough, Sunday morning the girls (plus Jorge) all came back. They took Suki, Dolly and Konan to a nearby park for an hour or so (which I’m sure they loved), then came back and helped Jorge take the garbage out to the dumpster on the corner

I paid them and they left. They came back a few minutes later and asked if they could give the dogs a bath. I said they could go for it!

Suki after her bath

"Hi. I'm Suki and I'm spoiled rotten!"

Dolly's famous "wet noodle" pose

Bonus points if you can tell which end is the head and which end is the butt

Konan enjoying her first home bath

Rinsing off

Dolly: "I'm freaking out! Why am I not dry yet? Laura, help me!"

Konan: "Why is this stranger brushing me?"

Konan thought it would be a good idea to dry off by rubbing her head on the ground.

Overall it was a really fun morning! I thought it was really cool that all the girls chipped in to help out the 2 girls who couldn’t pay for their Wet n Wild ticket. 🙂

12 thoughts on “Doggie Baths

  1. What job? They got to play with your dogs! LOL. You know, some of our dogs used to like to roll in the dirt after we bathed them. There’s something about that rolling on the ground after a bath thing with dogs.

  2. Look at your cute clean doggies! That is so awesome that everyone chipped in to help those girls go to the water park. I bet the day was just that much sweeter for them!

    I left you a little shout out over at my blog. Be sure to stop by!

  3. OH MY GOSH i love wet doggies! i have looked at these photos so many times because they’re SO CUTE! i just want to squeeze them! yes, i’m the person who loves animals too hard and squeezes them to death. 🙂

  4. lol those pictures are priceless!! and seriously how awesome that they worked so hard to go!! good for them and good for you for helping them out! 🙂

  5. the look on konan’s face when being brushed is classic. that is puppy not enjoying bathtime. jackson is the same way. he totally panics.

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