Update #1: Tropical Depression Alex gave Cancun some heavy on-and-off rain Friday night and all day Saturday, but not enough to keep anyone stuck inside. It passed a few hundred miles south of us. Looks like it’s going to avoid the oil spill completely and veer west toward central Mexico. Today, there have been no signs of rain whatsoever, just some clouds. Looks like the worst is over.

Update #2: I paid the import tax on the bridesmaids’ dresses, and they should get here this week! Turns out Isaias was also wrong… the reference number for the bank deposit had NOTHING to do with my tracking number! Elizabeth, the girl I’d originally spoke to, finally sent me all the info I needed. Isaias, you are stripped of your Hurley award. You are now…

...Jack. You appear to know what you're doing, but you just mess everyone up.

Elizabeth is my Juliet. Took awhile for her to gain my trust, but she pulled through in the end!

Update #3: We’ve been getting lots of RSVPs back from wedding guests. Some people have expressed being offended about not being invited, so we’ve invited a few families out of pity, basically. Why can’t people understand that if we don’t invite them, maybe there’s a reason? I think there are always people who would have a RIGHT to be offended… but seriously? Second cousins? Friends of my in-laws? The neighbors’ cousin? One of Jorge’s ex-girlfriends?!?! (not really a problem for me, but it’s weird she would insist on an invitation if they hardly ever see eachother…right? To be fair, we are inviting her cousins.) I’m willing to be gracious, and we’ve invited people we normally wouldn’t in order to make other guests comfortable, so it’s frustrating to have all this people I don’t even know making me feel guilty. We’ve flat out said no to a few of these people, but there are a few delicate situations where you just have to give in, ya know? Personally I wouldn’t be caught dead at a wedding I wasn’t invited to… but everyone’s different I guess. (Sorry to be so negative! There’s just been a lot of that this week.) Does this happen in the States, too? Am I just being selfish?

Update #4: We signed a contract on rental house #2!! I’m so excited. I have to move out of my place by Wednesday. There’s still a ton of stuff to do, though. We have to buy a fridge and a TV (my sad little Daewoo broke down after 5 great years together), both of which we’ll probably buy on credit for now because of the bridesmaid dress incident. We also have to get cable/internet installed and get the locks changed. We also have to get new screens on a few windows, which the owner is going to take out of our rent. Lots to do right before a huge wedding. Anything else will just have to wait, even if it does mean an empty house.

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  1. Isn’t there an etiquette book for weddings in Mexico? My coworker is from Mexico and she is having the same problem with planning her baby’s baptism. They are doing it down there and EVERYONE is coming. People she doesn’t even know. I’m like, tell them no. She said it doesn’t work that way. It’s hard to say where to draw the line, or to just do your best to suck it up for one day…as expensive as it makes it!

  2. People are crazy when it comes to weddings…all bets are off. IO have had people show up uninvited to a wedding. I have had people call me and call the bride/groom or their parents to complain about not being invited or to ask if their 5 cousins can come…some people just don’t get it.

  3. I think people in the States are a bit more sensitive bc they know the bride is going to have to pay for them & it won’t be cheap. Then, I was raised in HI, where people don’t want an invite bc it means they need to give money! That said– to all the extra people you extend pity invites to, print out a little card with the information of your bridal registry. To the rest of the offended– you can tell them you can’t afford a big wedding and BESIDES– you didn’t want to burdened them with thoughts of kind of gift they should get you for your wedding bc they can’t come empty-handed.

  4. Ayyy…weddings are all the same!!! I dont’ think it matters where you are. I come from a Croatian family, and believe me…you must invite ALL.

    Congrats on the house amiga!!

  5. I agree with Lauren .. my hubby is from Macedonia and the weddings are huge and I’m Italian! What a mix! But it is your wedding, so you can say no especially if money is a problem.

  6. It is absolutely amazing to me how offended ppl get about invitations to a wedding… when there is no good reason that they should be invited. Don’t they know how expensive weddings are?? CRIPES! Yes, I got some of those horribly rude people for my wedding too. You are not the only one.

    I still can’t believe that you have to pay that stupid tax. It still peeves me off!!

  7. ah, to be able to invite people you hardly know. sometimes, i wonder how thick-skinned you have to be to insist to be present at a wedding you were not originally invited…

  8. Sorry I disappeared for a (long) while! Just looked at the photos of the new place and it looks great! I’m so happy for you!

    And that’s the main thing that makes me nervous about weddings- who are you supposed to invite? I don’t want people flipping out because they’re not invited, but how can you afford to invite everyone you’ve ever met??

  9. Ugh. That’s one of the worst part about weddings, people trying to invite themselves. My co-workers were mad at me because they weren’t invited but Dustin and I had both originally decided that if we couldn’t afford to invite ALL of our co-workers that we wouldn’t invite ANY. It seemed fair but people just don’t get it.

  10. Hey! Where’s my invitation?!

    Seriously, it’s not just Mexico. I went to a wedding in Savannah, Georgia, over the weekend. The bride and groom are from Atlanta, and they chose Savannah (a 4-hour drive) so that they could narrow the guest list. People were still demanding to be invited.

    The bottom line? It’s your wedding. Do what makes YOU happy. And congratulations on house #2!

  11. How embarrassing to be invited out of pity! And yes, people in the States have manners that are just are poor. It’s really ridiculous. What is everyone’s obsession with being invited to weddings? If you haven’t been invited, you probably aren’t close enough to really care about the people getting married, so what’s the point?

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