Grill Turco Mediterraneo in Plaza Las Palmas

**Important sidenote: There’s a tropical depression headed straight for Cancun. Nothing to worry about, just lots of rain and wind for this weekend. No fun. However, it looks as if this depression might turn into a cyclone AND make its way across the Gulf of Mexico and over toward Louisiana, Florida, etc. Please keep the Gulf of Mexico and these coastlines in your thoughts and prayers over the next few days. Things are already tough out there, and this ain’t gonna make it easier. Here’s hoping it veers West over central Mexico. ( turn on “forecast models” and “clouds”.)**

Every Thursday, some coworkers and I go out to lunch for either doner kebabs or fish tacos.

Our fave kebab stand, which used to be pretty much just a tent with some plastic tables and chairs, has now opened its own restaurant, called Grill Turco Mediterraneo, in Plaza Las Palmas.

They have a new, larger menu:

We were watching Mexico vs France, I believe.

I love their cute little open kitchen.

An an appetizer, we usually order fries. I wanted to try something from the new menu, so we got hummus. I loved it, but my coworkers agreed it was too garlic-y. (For an appetizer, everyone recommends the fries. They’re just the right crispiness!)

As always, I got my fave: the lamb doner kebab (with onion, tomato and lettuce). With the menu change, it’s actually lamb mixed with veal. They serve this amazing white sauce to put on it. I’m still not sure what it is, but it’s amazing!

Junior size is $25 pesos, medium is $45 pesos. I can fill up with a junior and some fries, personally. The kebab in the photo is a medium.

We sat by the window and had a nice, sunny view from our table.

This past Tuesday, I took Jorge. He was skeptical about trying it at first, but he LOVED it!

The owner tells us that he has a hard time getting customers because most Mexicans don’t know what kebabs are, and they’re a little wary of eating lamb. Everyone I know who’s been there once, however, always goes back!

11 thoughts on “Grill Turco Mediterraneo in Plaza Las Palmas

    • If you’re in Cancun Centro, definitely give it a try for lunch. 🙂 If you’re feeling adventurous you can walk there from Market 28.

      Do you come down once a year with your time share?

      • Yes 2 weeks in October .. I used to go in March also (2 weeks), but (long story) I don’t anymore. Plus the maintenance fees got expensive!

  1. I think it’s people in Cancún in general who don’t like trying new things.
    When I lived there, my parents opened up a food joint where we sold tacos de barbacoa and you wouldn’t believe how difficult it was to get people to try them. We’d give them one for FREE and still they wouldn’t want it. People over there are too used to tortas.

    Here in Guadalajara kebabs are very popular. People call them “tacos árabes”. They’re soooo good!

    Damn this made me hungry!

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