Mexican Import Taxes and Bridesmaids' Dresses

For my bridesmaids, I ordered some cute dresses online, which are custom made and shipped from China.

4 of them will wear this...

... and 2 of them will wear this.

Yesterday, I got a call from UPS saying they were in Mexico City (almost here! yay!). I was then told that I had to pay an import tax on them, which is 120% of their value. WHAT?!?! That’s $5000 pesos (about 400 US dollars) in import taxes.

Since we already paid for the dresses, and new dresses from somewhere else would cost about the same anyway, we have no choice but to pay it.

So, if you see that over the next week I’m not blogging as much, it’s because I’m doing double the productivity at work in hopes of getting a bonus that can cover this charge. I’ll still be around, just not quite as much as normal.

A few women have told me that I’ll lose a lot of weight before the wedding because of nerves. Just 2 days ago, I told Jorge I felt very calm and didn’t think I’d lose my appetite.

Well… once I got the news about the import tax I couldn’t finish my lunch.

And so the stress begins…

10 thoughts on “Mexican Import Taxes and Bridesmaids' Dresses

  1. What the F?! That is ridiculous! This world makes it so hard for us to all work together. The dresses are super cute though. I love same color different styles.

  2. Girl, don’t even get me started on import taxes, and aduanas!!!! Why somethings get through? While others don’t? I have no clue…. I’m scared to order anything anymore, but you just can’t get what you NEED in Mex sometimes!!WTF!!

    Sorry you have to pay the tax…. 🙁

  3. That totally blows!

    And I stayed so skinny while planning my wedding b/c I just wasn’t eating all that much-there wasn’t anytime to eat! lol But I had blast planning it, so much that I started my own wedding business (which has been put to a halt since having the baby-but it was fun while I did it!)

    At least the dresses are awesome looking!

  4. Sorry to hear that about import taxes are hiking up that wedding expense bill. That’s horrible. I’ve been having friends and family hold off on sending me stuff because I read something similar about Korea. Apparently, they even open the mail/boxes you get… But other friends have had no problem with this notion of taxes. Hope the windfall of money comes in.

  5. holy crap! that is highway robbery! i’m so sorry. there is always something with every wedding. hopefully this will be the only thing and it will go smoothly from here on out.

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