Depositing Money to UPS in Mexico

The bridesmaids dress adventure continues…

So I need to deposit money to UPS Mexico to pay for the ridiculous 5,000 peso import tax on the dresses. After getting no e-mail response from the lady I was in touch with yesterday OR customer service (thanks a lot), I decided to call customer service for UPS Mexico. Here’s how things went down:

-I first spoke on the phone with Daniel. I mentioned that I needed to deposit, and he asked for my tracking number. I said I don’t have it at the moment, and I can’t get it until tonight. (My mom has it and she’s at work.)

-Daniel gives me the branch number and account number.

-During my lunch hour, I make my way to Banamex (Mexican bank). I am told by the teller that no such account number exists.

This is what I think "Daniel" from UPS Mexico looks like... a LIAR.

-I go outside the bank and call again. Mariana from customer service tells me the same branch number, but gives me an entirely different account number. (Way to go, Daniel.)

-Mariana asks if I need the reference number. Why yes, that would be helpful. Turns out the reference number is the same as the branch number. Interesting.

-I go back into the bank. The teller approves the branch and account numbers (yay!) but tells me the reference number is incorrect.

"Mariana" from UPS Mexico... likes to THINK she knows what's going on... but she doesn't.

-I go outside the bank AGAIN. I call UPS Mexico customer service (this is long distance, mind you) and speak with Isaias and explain the problem. Isaias asks me for the account number they gave me. He then asks me for my tracking number. I said, “I don’t have it with me.” Isaias informs me that the reference number must include the last 4 numbers of my tracking number.

"Isaias" from UPS Mexico KNOWS. WHAT'S. UP.

Would have been nice to know that BEFORE I went to the bank.

Daniel is now on my hate list.

Mariana gets off with a stern warning.

Isaias is my hero.

8 thoughts on “Depositing Money to UPS in Mexico

  1. LOL…I love the way you added photos to this post! Visuals make me šŸ™‚

    Hope this is the only wedding drama you have to encounter…don’t forget…these will be funny storries…someday!!

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