Caribbean Carnaval Cruise in Cancun

Last Saturday, my friend and bridesmaid Viri called me up to tell me that our friend Choco had gotten some discounted passes to go on Cancun’s Caribbean Carnaval. I was PSYCHED. This party boat sets out from Cancun’s Hotel Zone at sunset, and takes you out to Isla Mujeres for a buffet dinner on the beach. The entire time there’s a super cheesy pirate show going on, which was kinda fun! On the boat, there’s also tons of dancing. (Kind of difficult and awkward, but fun nonetheless!)

We set off from Playa Tortugas (Turtle Beach) in the Hotel Zone

While we were on the beach waiting to board, Choco informed us that in order to get his discount, he had to lie and say we were from the city of Tantoyuca, Veracruz. (It was never really explained why we had to lie, but hey, it’s Mexico right?) I think someone had mentioned where the different groups on board were from, because the head pirate would occasionally shout out, “Let’s hear some noise from Tantoyuca!!” This was followed by excited cheers and lots of giggling from our group.

waiting on the beach... I spotted the moon through the palm tree above me. 🙂

The dock and our boat

The top deck of our boat

Sunset over the Hotel Zone


Me, Juan and Viri (with a pirate ship in the background from another cruise tour)


Viri 🙂

Once we got on land at Isla Mujeres, some of our "people" were "captured" by rogue pirates. This was followed by the cheesiest show I've ever seen. (There was some cool dancing and games throughout the night, though.)


The bar


Yara, Viri, Me, Lilian and Julieta at dinner

Overall it was a lot of cheesy fun with bad drinks and average food… but the sunset and the company were hard to beat.

18 thoughts on “Caribbean Carnaval Cruise in Cancun

  1. Too funny! What bar on Isla Mujeres did you end up? I remember there being a pirate cruise but somehow I couldn’t fit in into our wedding theme 😉

    • Haha yeah I wouldn’t recommend this for anything wedding related. It wasn’t a restaurant really… I think it’s just a beach area used only by the Caribbean Carnaval people. There was an empty restaurant right next to it soooo… who knows? haha

  2. If I didn’t get so darn seasick like every time I’m on a boat, that would look like a fantastic time! Your sunset shots are so beautiful.

  3. Were you sober when you returned? My timeshare is next door to Playa Tortugas .. The Royal Cancun (formally Club International de Cancun)

  4. I took a similar cruise back in the day during Spring Break but it was the Booze Cruise. I will never forget that when we got to Isla Mujeres several of the guys from the boat got completely naked on stage during the Hot Dance Contest. I have pictures to prove it!!!

  5. i’m glad you get to play tourista in your town. we are headed to playa del carmen on monday, and i can’t wait to bust out my camera and nerdy almost fanny pack. i need some beach in my life! we will probably skip the pirate cruise, but have you got any recommendations for down near playa?

  6. Oh my gosh, that looks like so much fun! It so takes me back to the days before kids. And what a beautiful backdrop. Congrats on snagging that home as well!

  7. That looks like so much fun! I miss having the sand beneath my feet. Love to come here and hear about paradise through your experiences!

    In that last pic – some people would say those things are orbs floating all around…

  8. Isla Mujeres– do girlfriends go to that island for a girl’s time out on purpose? How asweme that you got to have that kind of experience with your gfs. Sometimes, cheesy is the best kind of fun to have.

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