Our New House (For Real, This Time)

Ok, ya’ll guessed it. After seeing the house twice, we decided to go with the second house. Soooo that means I can show you more pictures!! Yay!

Here's the front! I love the tree that spreads out along the upper bars. I think we're gonna plant a climbing bugambilia tree on the other side and see how they get along.

The living room. A little small, so we're not sure if we're gonna try to put a dining set in there. I think we like the idea of having an outdoor table and chairs for the front patio. Love the big window! Now we just need a big curtain to go over it. And some ceiling fans.

Another view of the living room. We have STAIRS!! Oh stairs, it's been so long since we last lived together. I really wanna knock down the wall dividing the living room from the kitchen and make it a bar/countertop. Maybe someday.

It’s not a huge kitchen, but it’s a lot prettier than any other kitchen I’ve had in Cancun so far. Some cute shelves oughtta cheer up that bare wall. It has a STOVE! and an OVEN!!!!!

The downstairs hallway. Kitchen is on the left. On the right is the pantry (!!!), then the full bathroom with shower (!!!), and at the end a bonus room. I'm thinkin laundry room. I plan on having a washer-dryer for the first time... ever! No more dragging the laundry basket to the laundromat, no more line drying for this gringa! It looks like the backyard has grass... it's actually all sand-colored gravel, and the tall grass grows in if you don't cut it, apparently.

The main bedroom upstairs. The second bedroom is a little smaller, and has the same closet. There's also a similar linen closet in the hallway. LINEN. CLOSET. This is luxury, folks.

The upstairs bathroom. It's actually decent! (The downstairs bathroom looks much the same.)

So anyway, I think it’s definitely a step up from the first house we saw. I will miss the domed ceiling, though. 🙁

20 thoughts on “Our New House (For Real, This Time)

  1. Love it! Especially those windows and all that light! See…something better always comes around. That’s not marriage advice though so don’t ditch your fiance in hopes of getting a better model if you wait 😉

  2. I love the photos! Thanks so much for sharing. I think one of the great things about home ownership is how excited we can get over laundry, linen closets, things like that, because they make all the difference!

  3. I totally read that as ‘doomed ceiling.’ Haha!

    Very, very nice. 😀 Maybe it’s because everything’s white but this one looks a lot more spacious too.

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