The Rival House Has Seduced Me

The owner of the “rival house” called my today to let me know that if I had time, I could come see it today instead of waiting til Monday. Obviously I jumped at the chance. (I feel like I’m cheating on the original house.)

It was AWESOME. Just like it looked in the pictures online… tons of natural light, spacious rooms, lots of large closets including shelves and drawers, a pantry (who in Cancun has a pantry???? Just me!), much more outdoor space, plenty of plants and flowers… *sigh*.

The neighborhood is also awesome. Very safe, a few security stands, and a park on every corner. That’s not an exageration. I’m speaking quite literally. Every corner has a spacious GREEN park (most “parks” in Cancun are concrete… LAME), filled with palm trees and shade and grass and benches and paths… *double sigh*

It’s a little further from downtown, and it’s kinda in a newer area. A year ago I would never have considered living so far out, but now that Cancun is growing so much, there’s tons of stuff around there now. There’s even a bus route that goes directly to Jorge’s university!! It’s also super close to my work. I’m also going to be walking distance from 3 of my best friends.

The house is also for sale, if we like, because the owner is moving to the States soon. We can’t buy it now, but in a year or so it could be an option if we decide to stay in Cancun long term.

For me, it’s a yes. Jorge’s going to see it when he gets back to Cancun on Monday. I think he’s gonna love it!

18 thoughts on “The Rival House Has Seduced Me

  1. Sounds like it’s between better and best which is a great spot to be in. I’m looking forward to hearing what you choose. Hope you had a great weekend!

  2. I can’t wait to hear what Jorge says! It looks awesome! And the thought of having green grass would be appealing to me too (especially for the puppies!)

    Good Luck with the decision!

  3. Whoop whoop! Can’t wait to hear what you decide. It sounds perfect! And since you already do have a place. It is really a win win situation. Those pups will love that yard!

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