My Fiance’s Going to Kill Me…

Remember how I said we’d already reserved a house to rent?

Well, I just couldn’t control myself and I had to go snooping around online to make sure there wasn’t anything better before we signed the contract. And I found a semi-dream house, for the same inexpensive price as the other one. It just became available yesterday.

This one is better because it has grass in the backyard, it includes a stove/oven, it has lots of planters in the front, it’s 2 stories, it has much more natural light, it has 2 bathrooms, and the floors aren’t hideously ugly.

Negatives: There’s no air conditioning (but I’ve lived without AC here for 5 years) the bedroom isn’t as big, the bathroom has no cabinets and the location isn’t quite as good. (Still a decent location, but not as central as the original.)

Here’s a sneak peek (not sure if I’m allowed to do this… you won’t tell, right?)

Dang it dang it dang it! Why did I have to look online?

I just sent a text to the fiance asking what I should do. He’s going to be frustrated… haha.

*Update: The fiance’s text message reply (he’s in Merida this weekend) was “Where is that neighborhood? I don’t know honey, if you like it more than the other house and it’s the same price then that’s fine. But you’re going to be the one to tell the owner of the first house. Make sure it’s close to a street where we can get buses and taxis.” Not very enthusiastic, but… It’s a go! We’re gonna visit the house Monday evening. I’m so glad the fiance puts up with all my craziness.*

5 thoughts on “My Fiance’s Going to Kill Me…

  1. That’s pretty par for the course here in Cozumel. Just last night we were laughing about how many times we moved our first year here on the island. The average was three!

  2. this does look better than the other one. it has more space, convenient when the kids arrive. is the neighborhood safe?

    also, consider that YOU might be the one scrubbing both bathrooms. our place has 2 bathrooms, and everytime i clean them, i keep thinking that i had not thought it through…

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