Show Me Your Poodles

For Show Me Your… , Magpie from Dazzled for Life asked to see my most treasured possession.

Magpie won a Jersey Shore costume contest this weekend. Congrats on your achievements!!

Well, folks… you’re about to be overwhelmed by cuteness.

My most treasured possession is my dogs. Here’s the story:

My in-laws have a white french poodle named Sisi. Almost 2 years ago, she had a litter of 8 puppies. EIGHT. ridiculous for such a small dog. For about 2 months, these puppies overran my in-laws’ house.

All 8 in one picture. 🙂

My in-laws kept one and named her Dolly. She was the smallest one, and almost died when she was born. The vet was able to revive her, and I’m happy to say that today she is a very very healthy doggie (but still small!)

Dolly as a puppy and Jorge's foot 🙂

Jorge gave me one as a present. I named her Suki, because the name is so gosh-darned cute.


A few months ago, my future mother-in-law was diagnosed with some heart issues, which often cause some blood pressure issues. (She’s fine, no worries) She was told she shouldn’t have as many dogs in the house, so she asked me if I could take in Dolly. Since we already knew and loved Dolly so much, I said no problem.

Around that same time, Suki and Dolly’s brother (Tedy), who lives with Jorge’s uncle, had a litter of 7 puppies with his “lady friend”. Six were sold, but Jorge’s aunt and uncle couldn’t seem to sell the last one. She won our hearts, and being the suckers that we are, we decided to take her in as well after some careful thought.

(Yes, I realize this family of poodles seems to have huge litters, and yes, I will be getting all 3 of my dogs fixed this year.)

So we took in this new puppy (who is 3/4 poodle and 1/4 terrier). She has no official name yet, but her nicknames include “La Negra” (the black one), “Coco” (short for cocodrilo, bc her mouth looks like a crocodile when the chews on my hand), and “Frijol” (bean… what my roomie calls her).

This weekend, they all got sent to the groomers. They looked so cute with more fur, but my house is incredibly hot. I have some interesting before and after pictures.

Suki before the haircut

Suki after her haircut... look at those ears!


Dolly before her haircut

Dolly after her haircut

Coco before her haircut

Coco after her haircut

And now for some bonus pictures:

Suki, Dolly and Coco (being cleaned after playing in the yard)

feeding time

"I'm so cute! Look at me just prancing around."

"Where's the leash? Where's the leash? I can smell the leash."

Suki says "Please don't go to work! Don't leave me with these two intruders! I love you!"

fluffy ears and skinny dogs!


"This is my come-hither look."

"ooooh, what's that bright light?"

"We have come to Earth to kill you. Sleep with one eye open, Gringa."

There they are.

When people heard we decided to adopt Coco (after a short trial period), they said that’s too many dogs! However, all 3 dogs have awesome personalities and don’t destroy my stuff. Coco was potty trained in just 1 day. They’re extremely well-behaved, and we’ve found that 3 dogs really isn’t any harder than 1 dog, but it’s a lot more fun!

If you can come up with any cute names for Coco/La Negra/Frijol, I’m open to suggestions. We’re thinking a Mayan name would be cool, since we already have one with a Japanese name and one with an American name.

21 thoughts on “Show Me Your Poodles

  1. Those dogs are adorable! I can’t get over how different they look before and after. Like a terrier before and a poodle after. I’ll have to think about names. I’ve had 9 years of Spanish, but you sure wouldn’t know it if you tried to talk to me today. I’m as rusty as it gets.

    Hope you had a great weekend!

  2.! Those are the cutest puppies ever! And they were so stinkin’ cute as babies! I love it! Our dog is always so embarrassed when he comes home from the groomer–he hides for at least 2 days! It’s hilarious!

  3. ok, I love the story of how they call came to live with you…and OMG I could die from the CUTENESS!!! They are so cute, and then after the groomer’s…GAH! Adorable 🙂 I personally like the name coco, it makes me think of Coco Chanel, and I love that she’s all black 🙂

  4. Gringation – they are the cutest things EVER!!! I have two dogs, a shitzu who I love more than life itself, and hubbys’ golden retriever who is a 9yr old sweetie pie!! Kiara and Hashka!!! I want a third, but hubby is not feeling it at all!! Jajaja 🙂

    Love the name Coco – so I’m no help what-so-ever!!! LOL!!!

  5. Coco is SOOO cute, and I think Coco suits her perfectly too. Thanks for sharing your pups with us.

    I found it highly interesting that you say 3 pups is no harder then 1. Hahah. This is how I feel about children. Give me 1, give me 18 (then shoot me before I go insane), it’s all the same. 😉

  6. Hi! I’m such a stalker XD… Actually I used to go to school with Jorge ages ago and found him on facebook recently, of course I had to check out his fianceé! So that’s where I got the link for your blog, wich I just love! I was born in Cancún but I’ve been living in Mérida for the last three years so it is rather nice to hear about my hometown from your particular point of view…

    Btw, I adore doggies! and yours are just lovely! I wish I could have enough space for three of them! My landlord won’t allow me to have pets :(.

    So yeah, I hope you don’t mind me reading ;). Hugs!

  7. … or you could do Cocoa Chanel! Ha ha… (Mayan and international) Also, you might just be the Brangelina of poodle pups there!

    Thanks for sharing the pics of the pups- I love dogs and for the past several years wished I could own one, but my lifestyle never fitted a consistent schedule. These stories about your dogs are a fun and relaxing read. 😉 Keep it up!

  8. oh my gosh- those tiny puppies are sooo cute! i would just lie on the floor all the time and cuddle them all day long 🙂

    and i like the name “frijol.” very cute 🙂

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