Renting a House in Cancun

I had another post all done and posted, but I needed to talk a bit about this today. (Sorry to my subscribers who are getting multiple e-mails!)

Since Jorge and I are getting married in July, we’re looking for a new house to rent. We have found two AWESOME options, both of which are near the upper end of our rent budget, at $6,000 pesos a month.

Here are the pros and cons of each house:

House Number 1
-Great kitchen with lots of cabinets, and a stove/oven already included (most kitchens in Cancun come with no cabinets… no lie)
-Very spacious living room
-A/C in living room and 2 bedrooms
-Has 2 bathrooms (not like we need 2, but still, pretty cool)
-Bathrooms are in awesome condition
-Great lighting fixtures throughout the house
-separate dining area
-full closets in both bedrooms (hard to find in Cancun)
-perfect location, walking distance to 3 supermarkets and 2 malls and a large park
-lots of bus routes passing nearby

-tiny bedrooms
-no garden
-tiny back patio, with no grass
-no window in the master bedroom

House Number Two
-amazing kitchen. Seriously. You have no idea. Looks like a rich person’s kitchen.
-same goes for the bathroom…amazing
-large front and back yard, with lots of grass areas (important for dogs and gardening), plus a nice tiled area in the backyard for small parties
-best closet I’ve ever seen in my life in the master bedroom, plus a full closet in the 2nd bedroom
-A/C in both bedrooms and kitchen
-lots of natural light
-private neighborhood with security
-lots of families living on the same street… kids playing and stuff, very charming
-a 15-minute walk from 2 of my best friends’ houses

-good location, but a 10-minute walk from the main road (I need to grab taxis every day) I don’t mind the walk, but closer is always nicer, I guess.
-no bus routes nearby
-house is missing a few details… some handles on kitchen drawers, 2 lighting fixtures are just holes in the ceiling, the ceiling fan in the master bedroom is about to fall out I think, the outside is in desperate need of a paint job… no biggie, but not cool for the price they’re asking. Since the owner lives in Merida, we’re not sure she’d be willing to pay to fix these details. (We talked with her sister, not with the owner)

I think we’d prefer the second house. Jorge loved the awesome, tricked-out kitchen, and I was excited about the backyard garden and tiled patio for gardening and for my dogs. We both liked the fact that the neighborhood was private and had security, plus it seems to be all families.

Problem is, we can’t move into either until beginning of July. With all the wedding expenses, it’s just not in our budget to pay that extra month of rent (June). We might be able to, but it would be really REALLY tight.

Plus, I’d be living by myself until the wedding, so that’s almost 2 months of living alone. 🙁

I already missed an opportunity by waiting out an awesome apartment a few months ago to save money, and I don’t want the same thing to happen here! The house we want has been for rent since January, I think, so it’s unlikely someone will snatch it up… but still, ya never know!

What I might try is offering to go ahead and pay the deposit and sign the contract now, but ask for the contract to start July 1. That way we won’t pay June, but the owner can see that we really are planning on sticking around. Since it’s been on the market since January, she may be desperate. 🙂 I might even see if she’ll go down to $5,000 a month, but I’m such a wuss sometimes that I’m no good at bargaining. Neither is Jorge. We’re such pushovers.

Sorry to go on for so long. I just needed to get all my thoughts out there, I guess. Hey, it’s my blog and I’ll rant if I want to. 🙂

What to do? Being a grownup is hard. Gotta decide by tonight. Advice is welcome.

16 thoughts on “Renting a House in Cancun

  1. well it sounds like you really have your heart set on house #2 so i would say go for it! it wouldn’t hurt to talk to her and see if she’d be willing to work with you…the worst the she can say is no! or maybe you could ask her to lower the rent and in return you could do a little work on the house! good luck doll!!

  2. I would definitely go for the second house, the main reason for me being the no window in the master bedroom thing. I used to date a guy that slept in a windowless bedroom. You have no idea how much that can mess you up until you try it.

    The other house sounds like a lot of small fixable things that can be done over time.

  3. Sounds like you and Jorge have already made up your mind on Casa #2. I would talk to the owner’s sister to see if she wouldn’t mind waiting until July. If the house has been on the market since January, I’m sure she’d be happy to wait. 🙂

    Keep us posted on how it goes. 🙂

  4. You’re being smart about it, thinking it out like that. There will always be something better if you can’t make it work this time around. But exhaust your options so you can say you tried.

    Both sounds great, because you’ll be together right? RIGHT?

  5. If you like the 2nd one, then I would suggest trying to do exactly what you said: put down the deposit and try to start the lease in July. It might make things a bit more tight financially, but you’ll be glad that you have that nailed down, you know??

    As a real estate agent, I’m just sayin, you should TOTALLY try to negotiate the owner down to 5000 pesos/month… especially if it’s been on the market since January. The absolute worst she can say is no. Do it!

  6. House #2 is the winner! Be brave and ask is she will do all the repairs. If not, ask if she will lower the rent and you do the repairs! Good luck and keep us posted. Take pictures!

  7. Definitely go with what makes you happy. And who knows, the owner’s desperation may lead to a great chance for you to get a deal. I feel you on being bad at bargaining. Luckily, my fiance is pretty assertive with that type of stuff, but not me. Good luck and keep us posted!

  8. I am always terrified of asking for the things I need, but when I’m upfront I usually get what I want–so ask for what you want & go for house #2! You can’t live in Mexico without the yard space-it’s one of the most beautiful things about Mexico living! Good luck! Keep us posted!

  9. Alicia – Thanks! I think we’re gonna try for somehting along those lines.

    Salt – RIGHT?? How could someone stand that? I’d go crazy. I love my windows. Good windows are the first thing I look at in a house.

    Leslie – She already said they wouldn’t wait, but I doubt someone will come along in the next week or so (before June starts). We’re offering to sign a contract now to start renting in July.

    Nikki – that’s true. Whenever something falls through, I always find something better. It’s hard to imagine in this case though. Tough to find a yard and kitchen cabinets around here, not to mention both in one house!

    Foxy – We sure will try! Nothing to lose! Right now we’re focusing on getting her to pay for repairs and paint and whatnot.

    KfromMichigan – I think at least for now, the repairs might cost more than 1000 pesos less in rent, so we may go for that.

    Amy – Here’s hoping I can improve my bargaining skills. Gotta be tough… Dang, i’m a wimp haha.

    Kate – I agree! What’s Cancun without bright flowers and palm trees, right?

    Jennifer – Haha well most come without cabinets (or with minimal cabinets), and the renter just deals with it I guess. My current house has zero cabinets.

  10. Ooh, that’s a tough one! The dealbreaker for me would be the no window in the bedroom. I couldn’t handle that! I need my morning light, otherwise I’d feel like a vampire.

  11. If you have your heart set on house #2 I’d say go for house #2. Now that Dustin and I ended up buying a house (grr, still angry about that) but when we started house hunting we fell in love with a house that was more expensive than our runner up. What made our decision was that we wanted something we LOVED, not just something we settled on.

    Go with your heart lady!

  12. OMG – We are moving too!!!

    I would go ahead and ask the owner or sister if they can a) fix those thing ; b ) lower the price. What’s the worst they are going to say? No? The market in Cancun is unindated with rentals right now!! Use it to your advantage!!!!

    Good luck!!! Ohh…house #2 is my pick as it sounds great, and with a bit of work would be perfect for you!

  13. I would totally go for the second one. A rich people kitchen?! That’s what I’ve always dreamed of! And a 10 min walk to the main road will just be some nice exercise- it’s not like you’ll ever have to trek through snow or something.

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