No Spoilers, Please!

I will be absent from blogging for the next day or two. Why? Because I’m lame.

I haven’t seen the Lost series finale yet because I’m waiting for my fiance to catch up on all the episodes before we watch it together. Hopefully he’ll have them all done by tonight!

At any rate, there will be absolutely no internet surfing until that happens. I ain’t riskin no spoilers!!!

Lame? Yes. Obsessive? Definitely. Do I care? Absolutely not.

6 thoughts on “No Spoilers, Please!

  1. LOL, i totally understand where you’re coming from! I don’t watch Lost, but there are several others that I wasted my weekend watching so that I didn’t read anything online about them. It was bad enough being on Facebook Thursday night while Grey’s was airing… I had to close my eyes while I scrolled through… talk about HARD!

  2. Is the Drama Mama talking about your Fiance? šŸ˜‰ I watched a little, but couldn’t tell you what the hell was going on. You’ll have to fill us in once you catch up!

    Hopefully you’re having a fun hiatus.

  3. i got lost on LOST that i had to stop watching LOST so i wont lose myself. and the finale hasnt reached manila. hopefully, before this year ends.

    i welcome spoilers šŸ™‚

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